sailing around the world

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 5 Dec 2010 17:24
FRIDAY   3rd  DECEMBER  2010
Aileen took off early and did a tour of the town again. while skipper was left to sort out the foward toilet /loo.
what a shitty job, but someone has to sort this thing out, and skipper is not doing well here.
This time we took the pump apart and that was also totally clogged, so cleaned the lot and put it all back together again, and it still
failed to work properly ..........ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ... The poor shepperds dog will be kicked to death shortly.
Neil went off again with his friend Ray and did a tour of Franschhoek, a wine region near Stellenbosch, a well known region.
This is a far cry from the days us of sailing or driving to france , to the nearest wine store and filling up with the cheapest plonk we could buy
and bringing it home thinking we were the cats pajaymus, and wine experts to boot.
Later, we changed the fuel filters on the two engines, tested them and all there seems fine, we had to go and buy filters,
the spares we had on board would not fit, believe it or not. 
The filters, original parts cost 20 euros each.......
Later, Skipper & Aileen did a night tour on a bus, This bus travelled out along the coast past , Sea point,  Camp bay, Clifton Beach, Three anchor bay,
on our way to " Signal Hill "
As we creeped up the side of a steep hill , which looked across at table mountain , we had some spectacular views out over the bay
and Robin island, where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for many years,
When we reached the top, the bus parked for 35 minutes to allow us wander around the hill top,  The views were amazing and as the sun set
over the horizon, the Guinea fowel and other birds including starlings made plenty of noise , adding to the whole scene.
There were " Ibis " there too and they sounded like " Peacocks " making a horrible noise.
Our journey back took us past the Mouslim quarters, known as the " Kaap quarters " and was where all the freed slaves resided
outside the city. Slaves were not allowed wear anything colourfull , so when they got their freedom, and built their houses, they painted
them all very bright colours, and to this day are considered a special place in the City of Cape town ......
We had an excellent meal in a Belgium Restaurant on the V&A waterfront before returning to the boat , and the scratcher,
Neil sent a text to say he was having too good a time and would return tomorrow.   well done Neil....
Thats all for now,
Signed :- Stephen Hyde,   ( Skipper )