" A LADY TRIP" Sailing around the world, ( presently in the San Blas Islands )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 19 Jan 2010 15:19
MONDAY 18th January 2010
09.00hrs A slow morning in Paradise, ( this trip and the places we visit are just getting better and better all the time)
              The Skipper has run out of words to describe the sheer beauty and isolation of these Islands.
              Anyway, back at the ranch (boat) we tried in vain to fix the starboard davitt, god! We must not let this thing get the better of us,
              but we will have to deal with it some other time, meanwhile we can tow the rib behind for now..
11.00hrs We raised the anchor and set sail for " Porvenir ", about 15 miles away to Collect our new passangers, " Grattan Roberts and
              his son Richard (16)
              The only airport on the San Blas Islands is " Porvenir " and has the shortest runway in the world, ( thats Official)
              The wind was blowing at 25knots , the sea was flat and we were trucking along at 9knots
              Just looking along the deck in these conditions, the boat looks big and stately, in comparrison to crossing the atlantic
              and part of our trip to here , where the boat looked small and miserable as she ( and us ) were being tossed around like a cork
              in a biblical tempest. ( quote Paul )
13.00hrs We collected our new arrivals and set off to the nearby island of " Cayos Chichime "
              where we arrieved about an hour later .
             We picked our way through the coral reef's into the inner lagoon ( again , one big boat lying in grief on the reef )
             We dropped anchor in 5m of water, and all went for a swim.
16.00     Aileen ( family and ship ambassidor ) went ashore and met lots of interesting people, including great friends of " Louis "
              the man who did the job on our watermaker in Curacao, plus many of the native Indians.
Later     We had dinner on board, This is after all the others had a few drinks ashore with the natives, and rejoined the ship for
             rack of lamb, stuffed porksteaks, and all the other bits, prepared by skip.
             After lots of chat, we all crashed out in the bunkszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz