Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 16 Mar 2011 23:14
Wednesday 16th  ( part 2 )
By 15.oohrs, we heard from " Eowyn" that BASIA had effected some underwater repairs that reduced the leaks substantially
They now had recieved enough cans of fuel from other boats in the fleet to motor all the way to Granada, or at worst Trinidad.
this is a distance of 1,200 miles or perhaps even more for them.
Terrry and Neil will have to do a new book called " Avoiding Pirates and Collisions "  This trip has so many interesting
incidents that would be a good start in any book.
They were always plotting new books, their most interesting one was " making sailing language user friendly " or how
about this, " Sick of winning" by Terry & Neil,
We ourselves, had a great day sailing with the " KITE" 22 / 26 knots of wind on our starboard quarter,
moderate seas and no mainsail, perfect.
We decided to make spegatti Bolognese , Suzanna provided the recipe for the sauce, skipper got the "Tomato pulp " from the freezer
and left it defrost on the deck. gave it to Suzana when she started the sauce, of course this Tomato stuff was in a different language,
Suzanna started laughing, she explained that this  Tomato pulp is really not tomato,  So the Tomato is not a tomato. ohhh nooo !
It was another type of fruit that just looked like Tomato, Suzanna, being Potugeuse can speak many languages, especially Brazilian,
Skipper & Aileen made a boo boo when buying this stuff in " Carrefour "
We took down the " KITE " just as it got dark and before being hit by a 32 knot squall, phhhhew TG we got that down
in the neck of time, Battered and bruised from the ordeal, we relaxed in the cockpit for a while and had a beer before having
our S.B. dinner, ohh noo the meat ( minced brazilian beef ) was as tough as old boots,
Ahh well, we had a good day in generall, so we cant complain about our dinner,
The fish wont be able to tell the differance,
18.00hrs, We caught up with the rest of the fleet on the radio, most had a poor day, and Basia had a nightmare day.
but , then we have all survived another day on the last leg of our facinating trip.
Thats it ,
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde  ( skipper )