" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the world

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 27 Apr 2010 23:42
MONDAY  26th   April   2010
Its still hard to belive we are in Tahiti,  it seems like the pilgrimage has ended or something, reall dont know what !
Maybe we are just going nuts or is it that we suddenly relise that we are on a fairy trip and have just landed in wonderland .
Anyway its blooming great............
Skipper and Donal went off to the office to check ourselves into the Marina, ( as they are closed for the weekends )
this was followed with lots of coffee and then Donal breezed off to look for a car to hire for a few days,
Skipper met Laurent to go through the list of things to be done on the boat, ( he already had the list since we met in the Marquises )
This was followed with " Cyprien" the electronics man , comming on board to work on the 120 E Series chart plotter,
He decided to take it away, but not before he fitted the capacitors to the electric H.P  pump for the water maker.
20 minutes later we had the watermaker up and running again.. wow , wonderfull...........and if he can
fix the chart plotter, then we will really be making progress, oh he also got the AIS working while on board,   so far, so good.
Donal was gone for the day and Aileen took off exploring Papeete , ( as only women can do properly )
and skipper was left to explore the small chandlery, however, they have everything any one would want in the line of
fishing or diving, and as it was a good walk away, it had to be good for the health,,  ( thats what the doctors always say,  funny thing,
we never se our blooming guys do it )
We all returned from our various ventures later and after showering went to the open air food village,
this has to be seen to be belived, Its like being at the races in Ireland or England, with all the fast food vans set up
with all their tables and chairs and cooking facilities, wonderfull smells of burnt Woks and sizzling food.
mostly Asian & Oriental food,  It was cheap and cheerfull and lots of it,, too much in fact, even " Donal" struggled to finish .
We met lots of others from World Arc boats and we had a good time,
Later we all went to the 3 Brassers ( a mini brewery ) and had plenty of beer, it was a great night and no one in a rush back to the boats.
Ahhhh, Casey turned up as well, we havent seen him for some time as he had to go back to the States for some dental work.
Thats it for now,
Signed  :-   Stephen Hyde,   ( skipper )