Finished Sailing around the World .

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 22 Apr 2011 11:56
FRIDAY  22nd  APRIL 2011
TUESDAY  19th  , 09.30 Skipper checked out of the marina office and organised the dock master to untie our
underwater bow lines, Before long, we were on our way over to the fuel dock and took on board some 400L of
deisel, Interesting thing , all fuel transactions are in imperial gallons, ( for the american market)
plus most shops, restaurants, and fuel stations deal in US $ as well as EC$ s
By 11.30 , we were on our way north to Carriacou, a distance of 31 miles, and we motor sailed with just the mainsail
as the wind was fine on the starboard bow, blowing about 10 knots,
We eventually arrived at " Tyrells Bay" but it was too crowded so we went around the corner to Hillsborough Bay, and
picked up a moorings at Sandy Island in the bay. Skipper lowered the rib in the water and took Aileen ashore to the beautifull
white sandy beach on this tiny Island for some swimming.. Ohhh another paradise island.
Mind you, Hurricane " Ivan " destroyed all the palm trees on the Island in 2004. but, now there are a few small new
ones growing again. That same hurricane destroyed most things on the Islands around here, including removing the roofs
off most of the churches and houses.
Aileen did a dinner with mince meat and it was excellent, more like a " Cottage Pie " type of thing.
Looking back on Granada, we really enjoyed our stay there, and of course the " Oyster Regatta" was the cream .
All the people we came in contact with were very pleasent, especially the ex Irish, like " Diana, Fr. Dermot Nolan, Fr Chris,
Margaret from Donegal , and so on. We could live there happily .. .......
WEDNESDAY 20th, Another beautifull morning in paradise ( Sandy Island , Hillsborough bay  ) Up early as skipper usually does
and into the flippen computer for emails , usually those from Ireland are full of depressing news, Today we learnt of a former
neighbour who did away with himself because of the pressure the banks were putting on him over his buisness loans.
Its sad that this is happening to the people of Ireland, The banks who traded recklessly and had to be bailed out by the people of Ireland
and Europe have now turned around and are destroying those very same people that bailed them out in the first place.
Ohhhhhhh, Its enough to make a " Sheppard " kick his dog......................................................
Still , skipper is sitting on " A Lady " listening to all the " Tern's" outside screeching as they fly around looking
for their early catch, this together with the waves lapping against the side of the boat make for a wonderfull tonic and forget
all the troubles at home,
10.30. we hopped into the rib and scooted over to " Hillsborough" and did our clearances from Granada. First the police station, and
then the customs, we also topped up our phone credit from our Irish man ( Denis O Brien ) "Digicell" company plus topped up
the gas ( petrol )  for the rib.
By 12.30 , we were on our way around to " Petit St. Vincent" a small Island off the NE coast of Carraicou and only about 6 miles away.
when we arrived, Aileen went ashore,while skippe scrubbed the decks on " A Lady " and had a swim off ther boat.
We were here with our children ( adult children ) in december 2009, thats Sarah and husband Paul, and our son Stefan,
and failed then to get into the restaurant on the Island. so now we booked it for tonight and really it was a disaster,
we will not be going back there. even though they did not charge us for the meal.
But, the location and surroundind scenery was awsome, like a bit of haeven.   
THURSDAY  21st  We woke up to another beautifull day at PSV, we had our light breakfast, Aileen making her now daily fresh
fruit drink from the fresh fruit we got presents of in Granada.
The noise of the " Tern's"  ( Gulls ) was again great, It would remind one of our childhood days by the sea shore or seaside village.
Skipper had his early morning swim over the side of the boat before we motored over in the rib to the adjoining
little Isalnd " Petit Martinique"
This Island does not get too many tourists, and are still a traditional fishing Island, even still making their own fishing boats
from timber , and constructed in the open on the beaches.
We took a stroll up the hill and the views from the top were breath taking, looking out over the coral reefs to the NE and " A Lady "
at anchor over at PSV to the North. All those beautifull blue and pale blue colours of the sea and breaking surf,, 
We returned to the boat around 13.oohrs and raised the anchor and off we went again, this time to " Tobago Cays", we did a loop of
Mayrue on the way, but decided not to stop there and continued to the Cay's and dropped anchor in a crowded lagoon,
The weather was perfect, and immidiatly we went to the one of the tiny little sandy Islands for a swim and some snorkling,
Later, skipper returned to the boat and prepared stuffed pork steaks for dinner while the first mate did some sun therapy.
We had the dinner in the " Starlight " restaurant and it was soooooo good, sooooo much better than last night
in the resort's restaurant. ....................
We had an eaqrly night.
FRIDAY 22nd   Another beautifull mornng, so Skipper got into the Blog early, like 05.30  and a few emails, Tobago cay's definatly
has it, We might spend the day here and go onto Bequia tomorrow,
Skipper needs to replace the annode on the propellor shaft, plus a few other housekeeping items. so this would be as good a place
as any to do these tasks. 
Thats all for now.
Signed  :-          Stephen Hyde   ( skipper )