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A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 19 Oct 2009 12:58
SATURDAY 17th October 2009
Tidied up the boat after a light breckfast, S.H. could not get the wifi working on the laptop because of all the traffic in the port area
as a result of the regatta's..
We decided to have lunch at " Timanfaya National Park "  THis is a Valcano park and an amazing place too.
The eruptions here in the 1730's created , not only created one of the worlds most unique landscapes, but also had an enormous impact on every aspact of
life on the Island.
In beautifull sunshine, we had lunch in a spectactular circular reataurant with panoramic views out over all the black " LAVA " flows that
occured at that time. and the restaurant was designed again by the one and only " Cesar Manrique "
Lunch consisted of roast chicken, cooked with a differance, yes over a vapour emmiting hole/well close to the centre of the restaurant,
the temperature of the vapour is 200 degrees ( thats hot )  comming from the still active valcano somewhere down below.
later we were taken on a bus tour of the park, ohhhhhhh, dont go there if you suffer from " vertigo "................
We called to see  " Golfo " on the way back to the boat, a picturesque Village looking out over the pale blue waves winding through the rocks.
At 18.00 hrs ,we departed Puerto Calero and motored to a sandy bay close to Playa Blanca. We anchored there for the night.
SUNDAY 18th October 2009
Up early and off to Mass, A,H does the praying and S.H does the escorting and making sure all goes smoothly. Following mass, we had breckfast ashore
 one of those occasional full monte's for S.H. ( full irish ) beautifully done in a waterside cafe..
Oh shit ,I nearly forgot to mention that having put the rib in the water early, S.H was winding up the new electric davitt wires when one
snapped off and the weights, together with the snap shackles and straps fell into the sea.  just 9m deep.
S.H. tried diving to recover the bits, but it was just too feckin deep, so we lost the gear. GOD , to think these Davitts are less than 2 years on the boat.
Playing with boats is a desease, like alcholism, very difficult to give up. and god help, if your like me and suffer from both, Then your BOLLUXED.
Back on board, we worked on tidying up files ( and still more to do ) , Finding more things on board we never knew existed, taking the DAVITT apart
and locating the problem. ( the bloody welding gave way, made in england, ahhhhhhhhhh )
 Later we moved around the corner into Playa Blanca bay, and had a light dinner before retiring to the bunk
Prrrrrrrrrrrrr  Prrrrrrrrrr.