" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the world and avoiding Volcanic ash, recession in Europe and Depression in Ireland.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 18 Apr 2010 04:38
FRIDAY  16th  APRIL    201007
07.30hrs Another beautifull morning with little or no wind,
Donal got busy on the phone arranging shore transport. it seems like some sort of buggy's.
Skipper got busy doing blog and emails and was followed by Aileen with more emails,
08.45hrs   We went for a swim in the wonderfill clear pale blue water,, criky, one could spend all day in the sea.
09.30hrs We went ashore, were collected and taken to the " Maitai" Hotel for our buggies,
Oh , what a laugh, we were thinking of golf buggies, But no, these were referred to as " Fun Cars " and looked like a small Bubble car
with an open top. Aileen and Skipper buzzed off in theirs, followed by Donal after he managed to squeeze into his, this took a bit of time.
Later S & A abandoned their buggy as it had a broken exhaust pipe, and it was replaced with what we could only describe as a WW2
tubular steel dune buggy.................. A complete rattle trap, but did the job and it was funny, we must have looked like two
old farts rattling along in this yoke  ........but it was really fun and cool as well, plus they only cost 40euro's per day, and thats real cheap out here.
we had lunch in the hotel and it was excellent,
Later we went for a swim off the back of the boat before going for pre dinner drinks on board " Voyaguer"
Skipper , Aileen and Donal were booked into the hotel, so we set off from the dock in our buggies,
Oh Shit, we have no lights in our buggy, well there were lights, but just dident work. and we had to use them as we had no other transport.
and the Hotel was 5 miles away.......... Ahhh sure God loves a trier, Sooo we dove off once more with aileen shining her small little
LED torch, and it was pitch black , except for all those shinning stars.
It was like driving with a patch on one eye, and the other eye in the pocket....................... but we made it in one piece.
The hotel were alarmed that we did what we did and immidiatly arranged transport for our return journey.
We had a great dinner, in wonderfull surroundings over looking the sea.
We got our lift back later, and had a reasonably early night.
Signed  :-   Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )