Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 18 Feb 2011 10:25
THURSDAY 17th  February   2011
We had lots of rain during the night, but another hot sunny morning,
Skipper had a shower on the marina facilities where he met many of the other sailors, these showers in comparison
to other places were small and cramped, and badly in the need of some redoration.
back on board, we had a light breckfast before going down town to sort out skippers phone once more,
Despit being told in Rio that the chip purchased there would work all over Brazil , well it does not and will not,
It seems that each state has its own phone network , and all independent of one another.  so a new chip had
to be purchased. now at 10â , it wont break the bank.
Marcelo,s men cleaned the a/c pumps , repainted them and replaced many of the rusty steel fittings which were long
overdue for replacment,
Aileen light breckfast did not agree with her system so had to take things easy for the morning before eventually working up
enough energy to take a stroll  towards the nearest beach,
During the afternoon, Mo from " Tucanon" cleaned up Aileens laptop , so she took it to the internet room
and had a go at using it, but connections proved difficult. so gave up eventually.
Later, we met Christos and Yorg from " Lady Eve V1" and had had a few drinks on board " A Lady " with them before they went
for dinner to some friends house, we had a long chat about sailing up the coast, it seems their friend , who has lived locally
for 15 years was able to give them valuble information on the bays and lagoons that we could stop for a night or two on our
way north to Ricife, so we decided we would leave on Saturday,  Thats great as skipper is beggining to get harbour fever.
Dinner consisted of bangers and mash, with our last tin of baked beans, so we made the most of it.
The sausages here in Brazil are terrific, really big and meaty. and one sausage is usually enough for most meals,
However, they do splatter when cooking and generally create a mess in the Galley. but no more
sausage explosions , so far so good.
An early night ,
Thats all .
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper )