Wineing and Dining our way around the world ( Cape Town )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 6 Dec 2010 06:40
SUNDAY  5th  DECEMBER   2010
Up Early, another beautifull day in Cape Town,
Aileen made the now usual porridge for breakfast while Neil and Skipper toddled up to the shower rooms
which are top class on this marina.
09.00hrs, Jerimy Peacock arrived again , this time to re do the relay for the new 12v / 5amp / 8 litrepm pump for the refridgeration
cooling system, It took some time to fit the pump as it was a different make to the last one , so we had to drill new holes for screws
 and all that sort of thing. eventually, after 2 hours, we had it all done and working to our satisfaction.
10.45hrs Knock, knock, who is there,  Its Robin Clapham, ( Kevin Dwyers first cousin )
Robin promised to take us out for lunch , so here we are,
Neil was meeting some of the others and going present shopping before he returns home to Ireland next Tuesday. the end of another chapter.
Meanwhile, Skipper, Aileen and Robin took off in his car and collected Irine, before taking a scenic route to
a beautifull waterside restaurant for lunch,
This restaurant has to be described, because it would be impossible to get planning for such a gem in Ireland, due to the narrow
view taken by planners on such developments, no matter how benificial they are to local economy's or tourism in general.
The building was basically a large glass structure sitting on a stone base to blend in with the rock outcrop it was sitting on.
It was overhanging the sea, the dining room being about 40ft above the waves, which were continously breaking over the rocks below.
the sound of the breaking waves , mixed with laughter was intoxicating and we knew before we started , that this was going
to be special.
Irene had a very old fashioned posh accent , and it was so pleasent to listen to her relate to stories about the place,
even the storey about it being totally washed away by a wave during a storm a few years ago.
Soon after we arrived, and tucking into the wine, we were joined by more of " Kevins "  cousins, ( actually just one more )
This time we were joined at the dinner table by David and Mary Legge, who now also spend most of their time
in this extrodinary country.
We all had fish of one sort or another, and it was excellent, Skipper is not really into fish, but this was great.
Prawn starters, Kinklip fish for the mainers, and all sorts of human killer deserts later.
All in all , it was a wonderfull experience.
We left the resteraunt suitably satisfied and Robin drove us past some wonderfull beaches where there were lots of surfers out there
in the freezing surf enjoying themselves,
One of these beaches was used to finish " Ryans Daughter " as Ireland ran out of waves.
We later returned to the boat via the Moslim quarters in the city and had a goodbye cap on board. ( as opposed to a night cap )
some time later, we said our goodbye's to Robin and Irine and relaxed having had a great day.
Skipper caught up on blogs & emails while Aileen continued packing her bags for Christmas.
Its hard to believe that christmas is just around the corner.   ( Gawd more punishment, oh no, )
Well, thats it for today.
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde.  ( Skipper )