Camden, Maine, USA

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 21 Aug 2011 12:07
Yesterday, at 10.00hrs we decided to take part in the 2 handed white sail class in the
Penobscot Bay  Power & Sail Regatta, we have missed 2 days of racing so far, but this will be interesting,
Aileen had other arrangments made for the day, so Skipper got "Mike" from    WIND  DANCER  to crew,
just the two of us, like all the other boats in the class,
The start was 13.00hrs and there was a heavy fog at the time, so off we went with a 25 knot breeze up the first beat
with visability at times down to 100yards,  scarry stuff,
"A Lady" performed well, even with sails that had now completed 36,000 miles and looked shook, we even have 2 holes
in the mainsail and skipper is afraid to put too much tension on the outhaul in case the mainsail would tear,
The race took 2.5hrs and by the end , the fog had cleared and it became a nice warm sunny day,
We finished second over the line and came first overall on corrected time,
OHHHHHH  we were happy bunnies again,  so at the prizegiving, there was a " Yellow Top " presented
to skipper for being the leader,
We also had dinner with Miles and Lisa ashore before the prize giving, we had mainly haddock, a favourate
dish around here, and then a few celebratory drinks on their " Amel"  Lady Bug  before returning to " A lady "
at the end of an interesting day,
Thats It for today,
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )