" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World, and avoiding the recession, the poor weather, and religious grief at home,

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 6 Apr 2010 20:26
MONDAY    5th  APRIL   2010   Easter Monday ...............In  Nuka Hiva, Marquises Islands , South Pacific.
08'00hrs,  Donal and Aileen got up and went for a swim,
skipper stayed in the sctatcher untill 10.00hrs.  ( must be 40 years since the last time he did that,)
Donal and skipper had another look at the generator, Skipper read the manual this time before fiddling. it usually helps.
Aileen went ashore to do a bit of exploring and have lunch,
We think she is suffering from a lack of female company on board,
We just had a lazy afternoon, a few showers here and there.
The Skipper had a conversation with daughter " Leah " in Dublin on the Sat Phone,  Modern technology is so usefull.
19.00hrs   Skipper and Donal joined others for Dinner in the Pearl Lodge Hotel, It was very good too.
a couple of brandys after the meal and we all returned to the boats,
the surge in the harbour was big , and we had a bumpy night on the boat.
many oyher yachts arrieved overnight.
Aileen watched a Girlie film on the tv.
Thats it for now.
Signed  :-  Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper )