" A LADY TRIP" SAILING AROUND THE WORLD and avoiding the recession, ( presently in " Flemingo Bay" Panama )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 30 Jan 2010 14:08
FRIDAY 29th  jANUARY  2010
08.00 Another beautifull day in Paradise,
The wind had changed direction and the sea was much flatter.
The Skipper looked into hauling the boat out for a scrub and a coat of anti fouling, but according to " Cameron"  ( the permenant hand on Les Auchincloss boat, based here,)  taking boats out here is unreliable from a timing point of view, ie  Tomorrow could mean next week,
So we got a couple of locals to do a dive and polish the topside, They did a super job . They spent the whole day working on her and believe it or not,
they used white vinigar and soap for the top sides,  A  Lady  looked like a brand new boat when they were finished.
We all went our seperate ways to the "Albatross" shopping Mall, about 5miles away and close to Panama City.
The place was Massive , finding our way around took for ever, but it had everything one could imagine including an indoor  MERRIES,
We bought some bits for the boat and Kevin and the Skipper bought new mobiles, they have quad group and unristricted use, so we are back on air again.
Aileen got her hair done and that took a long time, so we were late getting back to the boat and therefore had dinner 
without the others in " Brennigans" on the Marina.
We were joined by the others later and Aileen was in great form,  Amazing what a hair do will do for women.
Lots of chat and then the bunks.