Sailing around the World with the World ARC ( presently in Richards Bay, South Africa )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 12 Nov 2010 05:52
WEDNESDAY   10th   NOVEMBER   2010
We all were very slow in getting up today, It was a wet and windy morning,
Skipper got into the blogs, and emails, in fact the emails all came in twice. and Skip is still suffering from the hip trouble.
He is taking lots of pain killers, Doc advised against taking too many anti inflamitories, as they thin the blood too much.
11.00hrs   Skipper and Aileen went to the Hospital, Charles ( the YC manager ) had made an appointment with the doctor
and his wife " Pat " drove us there and collected us again later,
Neil, Terry and Collette had a relaxing day around the boat,
Meanwhile, skipper had lots of tests done and paid the bills , All very good and economical, compaired with home.
17.00hrs" Pat " collecte us again and drove us back to the boat
An interesting thing, the radioligist " Dr Peter van Rooyen "  went to the College of Surgens in Dublin, and loves Ireland,
He often visits our lovely country.
18.00hrs Prize giving and dinner at the Yacht Club, 
We were 2nd in our class in the leg from Reunion Island to here,  ( too much engine time.)
Grand Filou was the winner this time.
Part of the prize giving included Certificates to those crew that sailed across the whole pacific, which included on our boat,
Skipper and Aileen,  Terry and Neil, 
From Darwin to here was a total distance of 5,960 n miles
From Bali to here was a total of 4,993 n miles.  ( a piece of cake )
Skipper presented the YC with a RCYC ensign , and they really appreaced the gesture.
It was a great night, with Zulu dancing to start, followed by dinner, then dancing and a " Spitting Competition "
The missiles were chocklete covered rasins and this was very entertaining,
Skipper even climbed up on Sean's shoulders in an effort to get extra distance, but the eventual winner was Oisin.. who hails
from Donegal. and he got a prize of an Antelope Skin.
We met skippers, and crews from many different boats and countries, and had a great night woffling and sipping the wine,
It turned out to be a late night. a very late night, but a great night,
Thats all for now,
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde   ( skipper )