Camden, Maine , U.S.A.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 15 Aug 2011 14:36
MONDAY  15th  AUGUST  2011
Here we are in Camden,  a beautifull town in Maine and once the H.Q of MBNA credit card fame.
At 07.30hrs this morning we had a visit from Brian Smullen, ( ICC) who has a house here in Camden,
Brian is from Ireland but spends a lot of his time between London and Camden,  We had a great chat and will meet
him for lunch at the yacht club,  He has offered us his mooring here in the bay as his yacht " Cuilaun" is on the south
coast of England at present,
Now back to Last Thursday 11th ,  We left Maple Juice Cove in sunny conditions and made our way through
all the Lobster pot bouys down the river and then east along to Winter Harbor in " Vinalhaven," a large Island ,,,
The overall scenery was spectacular, we passed through many little Islands and semi sumerged Rock outcrops,
We also had " Lady Bug " ( a Super Amel ) for company on the trip across, about 36 miles in total, 
There was a nice soft 11 knot breeze so we had a 3 hour sail in ideal conditions,
There was a great collection of Light houses, old schooners, fishing trawlers, sea birds etc.on our way to
Winter Harbor which we arrived at 16.00hrs,  Aileen and skipper then took a boat ride in the rib ( dingy )
around the corner into seal harbor and explored this Wooded estuary, the place had many seals ( hence the name )
and a scattering of boats,
We went to " Lady Bug "  Miles & Lisa's boat for a drink before returning to " A Lady " for a stuffed chicken dinner,
A truely beautifull location once again,  and to think we are here as a result of a chance meeting with
our N.B.F 's   Tom & Linda Delaney back in Connecticut. who, unfortunatly they did not make the trip in the
end as a result of a family situation,
Friday 12th 
We did a tour of winter harbor in the dingy and then went ashore and had a 2 mile walk before returning to " A Lady "
and raising the anchor and sailing east to Burnt Cove in " Swan Island"   a distance of 16.5 miles,
Skipper was still mesmerized  by all the lobster pots, the bouy's looked like fields of floating smarties, with all the different
colours, shapes and sizes,
It was another beautifull day in a sailing paradise, with clear blue skies, warm weather and flat sea's.
We invited Miles  &  Linda,   Lynn & Peggy Comfort,  John & Candice Frawley,  Peter and Betty Kelly, for a few drinks
on board " A Lady " before going ashore at 18.oohrs for cocktails and to meet all the other fellow sailors once more,
A good night was had by all, and as always here in America, bed early ,,,,,  Up early and bed early,
Saturday  13th ,
Another beautifull day , so up early and we both went ashore for a 2 mile walk, trying to keep ourselves in some sort
of shape, This is a big lobster port as we watched the trawlers unload their days catches ,
A typical boat ( fishing from 05.00hrs to 17.00hrs ) would land approx. 800 lbs of lobster,  thats a lot of lobster and there
are two varieties, the soft shell lobster and the hard lobster,  the soft one is much better value at half the price
of the other,  thats  $3.50c  per lb.
Its no wonder people get "lobstered out" by the end of the summer  , but it all good....
We left Burnt Cove at 11.00hrs  in the company of " pastime" ( Pieter and Joanna de Zwart ) and had agreed before hand
to stop for lunch at " Mc Glathery Island " which was 3 miles short of our destination at Webb harbor on Deer Island,
Past time is an Ex 44.2,
On the way we got snagged in a flippen submerged lobster pot line,  Gawd , can you believe that !  skipper had to
do a lot of semi submerged body work in freezing water to cut some of the ropes free, but even at that we still had
lines around the prop.  Aileen put the engine in reverse and walla !   out shot the lines and a couple of chopped up
bouys and we were free,  phew , what a relief,  we carried on around the corner and dropped anchor for lunch,  Pieter
& Joanna , (who stood bye while we untangled ourselves from the pots, )  came over to us on " A Lady " and we
spent an hour or so in this beautifull bay before heading off again to our destination,
We dropped anchor in Webb Cove, took out our Kite and flew that toy in 12 knots of breeze,
we also paid a visit to " Isla" a recently and beautifully restored S&S New York 32,  these timber boats
are wonderfull, but having a timber is like having a desease, we know, we have " Cruachan "  a loch Fyne skiff,
built in Ardrishig , Scotland, in 1896,,,
18.00hrs  We all went ashore for a B.B.Q.  a BYO food and drink , except the Lobster and salmon were supplied
at 14$ pp...... we had a great time in beautifull surroundings , just a few bites that are still hurting today.........
21.00hrs, it was all over and we returned to the boats,
Sunday 14th 
07.30hrs  We hauled a real muddy 30m of anchor chain which had to be washed as it came on board, all this took
about 30 minutes and then we were on our way,
We stopped around the corner at Stoneington , Aileen hopped off the boat and ran up the hill to Mass in the local
church while skipper took the boat out into the river again and waited untill the second mate returned to be collected
again at the tiny marina,
We then went west through " The Thorofare" this is a passage between Vinalhaven and Northhaven,  the weather got
very cold and and we had some light rain for a while, but it set the scene for the rest of the day.
Skipper thought we had a moorings arranged in " Camden " with the Yacht Club by the New York YC. but not so !
this goes back to Donal Mc Clement's usual suggestion, which is   R.T.F.M....  "read the friggin manual",    if we read the
leaflet given us by the New York YC we would have seen that we had to arrange our own moorings,  ahhh well
we just have to drop anchor again,
Skipper spent the afternoon cleaning the dingy as it got destroyed during the lobster pot incedent, aileen went to
" Peter pan " in the local Opera house and said it was a great show,
18.00hrs,  We went ashore and joined all the other sailors and local friends for the final drinks and dinner held
in the Camden Y.C. It was a great night  and eventually we made our way back to the boat via " Lady Bug" where we dropped
off Miles & Lisa ......
Soooooo, Thats it for now,
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde,  ( Skipper )