" A Lady " trip , The A.R.C. ( Gran Canaria-- -- St Lucia ) Avoiding the rscession in Style

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 27 Nov 2009 18:59
THURSDAY  26th  /   FRIDAY 27th November 2009
The dinner on thursday night as previously mentioned, was prepared by the skipper.
A sort of korean goolash and consisted of a base of onions and apples ,boiled to  a mulch, Then seperatly ,pieces of steak and chicken were
fried on a pan and added to the base, this was followed with bananas, pineapple & its juice, peas and carrots and all left cook for 5 hours . 5 mins before serving , half a raw onion was added to give that tasty bite,,    ohhhhh I nearly forgot, lots of garlic.
This was then served up with cream potatoes and our first wine since last Saturday... yum yum.
Enough was made for ten people, but nothing was left for the fish.
" A Lady" was not sailing fast, We were only getting 7 knots in 20 knots of wind , After dinner we raised the spinniker pole and this helped a little,
We just had the spinniker up on its own , because " Thomas" said it was much better and faster to sail with the KITE on its own,
Like lots of other things " Thomas" said, were proved incorrect by us later as we made our way along the southern route to the carribbean.
We took turns with the night watches and the skipper slept most of the night on deck, admiring the amazing glitter of stars,
Early thursday morning ( this morning) we altered course directly for St Lucia, having got to 20%N, Our course was and is 264 degrees T.
This gave us a much better angle to the wind, so we put up the mainsail, along with the KITE and we took off, now reaching speeds of 9 / 10 knots in
 a 20 knot breeze ................
Later , the crew washed down and polished the boat, using the powerfull deck hose and fresh water,  ( our water supply is lasting well and of course we can top up at any stage with the onboard watermaker)  talking of washing , we also used the ss washing to wash and dry our dirty clothes,
Around 4pm we dropped the Kite and repared the sheets and guy's which were showing wear and tear, Again Mark used his skill to sew leather
onto the  rope's
All much happier and the boat was and is travelling much faster,,,,,, and according to our calculations, we have less than 1800 n miles to St Lucia.
Thats it for today,
Stephen Hyde  .   Skipper