" A Lady " A.R.C.crossing and avoiding the recession & rain in style

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 25 Nov 2009 14:22
WEDNESDAY  25 th November 2009Today at 13.00 hrs we had completed 566nm and were scooting along nicely in 25 /27 knts of breeze.
After we finished the great steak meal, we looked over Arnauds photo's again and then started the night shift's ( watches )
Jenny and myself saw a large no of Dolphin's playing around the bow at 01.30 hrs.
We were really clipping along under  " KITE " and in the right direction, sea conditions were moderate andf the water was a terrific purple/blue,
It was also much warmer than the previous night, so the skipper spent most of the night on deck, sometimes under a blanket and catching a few cat naps.
Later in the night, actually just as dawn began to brreak,there was a loud bang, " cr888xx ! what the ! oh oh the port guy had snapped off at the
spinniker pole, Again , for the second time this week, everyone was summened up on deck and the kite taken down without incedent.
We kept the boat sailing under white sails only, but as the wind was now at 30 knots, we were almost doing the same speed as with the KITE
09.00 hrs we all got into the emails and after breckfast, we took turns in catching up with the sleep.
Mark did a fantastic job on reparing the damaged  "guy " He even used leather and sewed it onto the snap shackle to prevent the same thing happening again. ( ie, there was so much pressure on the KITE ,that the snap shackle chaffed through the " guy " ( rope )
Now, Mark is a farmer and obviously trained to repaire anything with nothing, and that's just what he did. Imagine, he had brought the leather from home, a piece of sofa which had come to the end of its life. well done MARK.
We had a n egg salad sanwich for lunch, prepared by Jenny, yum yum ....... this was followed by the blog
Bye for now.
Stephen Hyde  Skipper