Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 5 Feb 2011 10:25
FRIDAY   4th  FEBRUARY   2011
Sham & Emily are leaving the boat today and returning to their home in Knysna , South Africa.
So, we all got up early and the packing got going in earnest,
meanwhile, the litttle man with the 1m X 1.5 m new Irish flag that skipper ordered arrived, a great job and cost 45 euros,
Two hours later, Emily discovers that her Pass port is missing, cant be found, now both passports were on the fwd bunk
early in the morning,  so a search of the bags was carried out without success
the next hour was spent searching the boat , but no passport,  Shams was on the floor , so we have his, but no Emily,
Suggestions of being robbed while Emily was having a shower were played down by skipper, according to all working on the marina, there
has never been a boat robbery at this place.
Sham & Emily went to the office, where Paul and Susanna helped to inform the Irish embassy and have documents forwarded to us
to allow Emily travel asap. flights hed to be cancelled and rearranged and all sorts of plans had to be redone.
After a long while , Skipper was moving the bags around the saloon floor, when he noticed a pocket on the baack of their blue
bag, Did not remember this pocket being searched, so had a look, and walla ! there it was,
That was a relief, Aileen claims that St. Anthony found it, but skipper thinks different.
So all organised again, we said good bye once again to our guests and off they went by taxi to the Airport.
Later , skipper and Casey did a tour of the harbour in the rib and stopped at a Yacht club way up north for a beer,
The place looked great from the water, and exploring it in the rib is exciting,
Aileen and Skipper remained on board for the rest of the day and had just a light snack before watching a DVD
and eventually crashing out,
Thats it
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde  ( Skipper )