" A Lady " The A>R.C. crossing, Avoiding the recession and rain in style

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 24 Nov 2009 18:14
Tuesday 24 th November 2009
Yesterday, Dermot and John cooked a sort of goolash and pasta and it was " simply delicious "
Later we checked our position and seemed to be doing well in the overall positions, but then there is another 13 or 14 days to go
and anything could happen, like we might do better.
One YACHT sank during the night and a " Mayday " call was heard this morning by many competitors, however we dont know as of yet what happened there.  We took turns in the night shifts, nothing much to report except a large cataraman came within a 100 meters of "A Lady" at approx 01.30hrs.
We thaught that they were a bunch of "coweboys "   comming so close to us in the middle of the night. Spanish one's at that so our efforts at
comunicating failed miserably..     ( mind you the fecker's probebly thought we were a bunch of PADDY cowboy's )
We sailed nice and steady all night and everyone got a good turn of sleep. so unlike the first night where we thought the " KITE " would suck us up into the sky.   This morning was bright and a little chilly, Blue skys and a steady 25 nkots of breeze behind.  the sea state was moderate, and we pushed on south west,  By lunch we had almost topped up the sun tans completly and as the wind was now below we decided to attempt the KITE once we had the grub.
By 15.00 hours , we had that lovely " big thing " up there pulling us along like a tractor at 8 / 9 knts in a 16 knt breeze ( remember no other sails flying on the ship at this stage )
Delighted with ourselves, we all dived for the showers and pruned ourselves up,  just for ourselves, you know......... look and smell nice...
Dinner will be served later , Just fillet STEAKS..... yum, yum,
DID YOU KNOW.......... A Fishermans storey, and the could be right,,,   This applies to those who risk their lives on the sea..
                                   " When the new MOON stands upright at night, then the men can lie down on their back"   ( for some sleep )
                                   " When the new MOON lies on its back,  Then the men have to stand upright. "     ( because the moon like this is for wind)
Bye for now.
Stephen Hyde  ( skipper )