Sailing around the World, ( presently in Port Resolution )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 7 Jul 2010 23:07
WEDNESDAY   7th July  2010
There was a time when we would wake up to the sound of Cock's crowing and we loved that,
Here in " Port Resolution" we wake up to the sound of a horn, with no specific tune,
We think these horns are basically Sea Shells, Like a big " Conch" shell's and are being blown almost all day , mostly by children.
Aileen still in trouble with headache's after her fall a week ago.
The Boys, Scotty and Daniel went ashore, Danile went off to the capitol "lenakel" , basically a small village 2 hours away in the 4x4.
Scotty went hiking around the forest , where he met the " chief" of one of the local Villages and was invited to the chief's house for lunch.
this cost him his jacket, but on the other hand , he made a friend for life,
Oh, we forgot to mention yesterday , that the meal in " Leah's Restaurant " cost the princly sum of 4 euro's each.
The restaurant was basically a stray hut, ( As are all the Buildings and houses ) and the lighting was by way of candles,
But,  always the " But "  every one had a mobile phone.................can you grab that.
This is basically a very, very, primative Island , with very primative people, but they all have the mobiles and most people can speak
english as well,  just a magic place.................
Joe from " Brown eyed Girl " ( doctor ) came and looked at Aileen and gave her some strong pain killers,
He thinks she should have a cat scan as soon as we reach civilisation.
Later , she felt much better after popping the pills.
The amazing thing about women is this,  no matter how badly they are hurt or feel, they never loose the ability to yap, yap, yap,
16.00hrs, Skipper and Aileen went off in the rib around the Bay looking at all the hot springs at the edge of the water,
We only once ran up on a rock/ reef, and almost had to get out and push ourselves off.  however we were only
motoring along slowly, so no damage.
18.00hrs, We collected the returned lads, at the beach and brought them back to the boat and listen to their adventures.
Daniel was very upset,  His secretary/financial controller of his buisness , suffered an asma attack and is not expected to survive
more than a few days, ( She is only 47) so he has to return to london, just one week after his arrival.....
Life's a bitch and then ..........................
Talking on these things, It was with great sadness we learnt about the sudden death of Brian Murphy in Schull,
Brian and Mary used to have the " Black Sheep Inn " in Schull many years ago, and we have very fond memories of that time.
May he rest in peace............................................
20.00hrs We were joined on board A Lady for dinner by Bill and Rosemary Thomas from " Crazy Horse"
dinner consisted of a roast leg of lamb, with all the usual trimmings,
We ate in the Royal Saloon on board. and had a wonderfull relaxed evening.
Semi late night. and then the scratchers,  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Thats it for now...
Signed :-     Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper )