Sailing around the world ( Bali )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 7 Sep 2010 23:59
TUESDAY    7th   SEPTEMBER   2010
As we said last night,   There was an afull lot of lightning to add a bit of excitment to the journey,
Of course we are close to the equator again, so the wind conditions tend to get lighter and more fickle and the weather gets very
hot and clammy.
06.00 hrs Darwin time ( 05.00 local time ) we were now only a few miles off Bali and dawn once again began to light up
the surrounding areas. every thing looks so different in daylight.  and boy, had we lots of rain now. real heavy stuff.
We had a 2 knot current against us, so we started the engine again to give us a bit of a push against the tide.
We adjusted our clocks and so on , plus changed our courtsy flags and raised the quarintine flag.
Interesting , the Bali flag is red and white,  just as our home county Cork has red and white fot its colours.
The sea was very, very choppy and uncomfortable, and as day light came, the water was full of flotsum and rubbish.
We passed a huge Warship anchored outside the harbour waiting for full tide before entering Bali.
Around 07. 25  Bali time, we crossed the finish line and then motoredup the very narrow and winding channel to the marina.
We tied along side with the assistance of the lads from " Arianne" and the manager of the marina,
Shortly after , W ARC , Paul and Susanne came down and organised skipper to visit all the different Gov, offices and clear our papers,
We travelled on Paul's moped. Here the traffic seems to drive on whatever side of the road they feel its all for themselves.
The place looks great, That eastern type architecture was lovely to look at, even if the streets were filthy. but everything
here is cheap.. We could hardly finish our lunch as there was so much food, and it cost only $4 US
However the wine was expensive,
Later , after catching up on some sleep, we filled up with disiel and moved the boat to our permenent berth.Then we took off to a
dance show,,  Ohhhh the colours were just terrific, real bright yellows, gold, reds,green and so on..
It was an interesting evening show, and the girls were sooooo good looking.   drop dead gorgous.
Later, we returned to the YC and had dinner there with Dave and Sue ( voyageur ) and their friends , John and Jenny who are
joining the trip in their own boat. when we were finished dinner, we had to have a night cap on John & jenny's boat
before retiring to " A Lady ", connecting to the shore power and hitting the scratchers  zzzzzzzz ZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Whacked after a busy day,
Thats all.
Signed  :-   Stephen  Hyde   ( Skipper )