Maple Juioce Cove , Maine, USA

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 10 Aug 2011 13:21
09,30 hrs We slipped our moorings and said goodbye to Joe Metz as we left " Booth Bay " harbor,
The weather was glorious, lots of sunshine and a light breeze as we made our way down the Bay through all
the little Islands dotted with light houses and large residential homes..
The shore line was very rocky and then the higher ground was covered with pine trees of some sort, these trees
must be very saline tolerent to survive in locations like these... but it all ment we had a very pretty picture from the sea,
Once outside , the wind filled in from the SE and we had a good 2 hour sail with12 knots fine on the starboard bow
and flat seas,  We sailed all the way up St George river to our destination at Maple Juice cove, sailing was the
best way to navigate these Lobster Pot infested waters, the pots here are so thick that one could almost walk across them
from shore to shore. Using an engine here is asking for trouble,
To think we used to complain about an odd few salmon nets at home on our trips wesr along the south coast of Ireland...
mind you some of these nets could stretch for miles and miles,
During all this, we had lunch which consisted of Cold Lobster salad , all left overs from Monday night.....yum,yum,
We eventually dropped anchor and went ashore to the " Olson House" where Andrew Wyeth ( a famous american artist )
spent much of his youth and subsequently completed a many of  his art work .
Skipper also had to order a new heat exchanger for the Generator which will arrive in Camden at the weekend, so hopefully
we will have the generator working again by next Monday,
We had a Steak dinner on board and it was yum yum,
we were also informed by the organisers that we could expect a storm during the night, so we let out more anchor chain
and battoned down the hatches, The weather did get extreemly wet and windy during the night , but by now things have
settled down again,  however, we may well spend the day around here,an announcment will be made at 10am
Thats it.
Signed  :-   Stephen hyde   ( skipper )