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Stephen Hyde
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This is a copy of a newspaper article published in Rarotonga, Some details are slightly inaccurate.
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Here’s the link to the website, they should post it next week….http://www.cinews.com/

Irish sailor raving about Rarotonga

IRISH sailor Stephen Hyde, who was on Rarotonga for a short stop over while on around the world sailing trip, will promote Rarotonga through song, verse and dance after a magic time here.

Coming to Rarotonga was actually not on the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers' course, organized by the world cruising club as the world's largest annual trans-ocean sailing event.

National park Suwarrow is the port of call for the 27 sailing vessels in the current year long round the world cruise because of its larger berthing area compared to Avatiu harbour.


And Hyde was on course for Suwarrow, but while he was in Bora Bora he met locals John and Anne Tierney. And as they chattered they discovered that the world is not as big as it seems.

It just so happened that one of Hyde's good friend's sons, Rory Quirke, is married to John and Anne Tierney's daughter. "It was just pure accident that I bumped into the Tierney’s and found this interesting connection," Hyde says.


"They invited us to Rarotonga and I'm so glad we came." "This place is just magic. I've run out of words to describe my magical experience here from meeting warm and hospitable locals to the scenery,"

"Plus Rarotonga is way more economical than where we have just come from!" '1mean I bought six bottles of wine the other day for the same price as one in Bora Bora !"


Hyde also hosted the Tierney family and visiting former All Black Josh Kronfeld and family to dinner on his Royal County Cork registered 'Oyster 56' cutter sailing yacht.

Hyde was also very proud to declare that the County Cork yacht club in Ireland is the oldest sailing dub in the world - established in 1720. Hyde and with his wife and crew member began their year-long trip in January from St Lucia and the trip will end back in St Lucia in December.


When CI News caught up with Hyde last week his wife had flown back to lreland to meet their new grandchild and crew member Donald was in the Rarotonga hospital after a scooter mishap.


'The pair will meet him on his next stop Nuie. Hyde departed Rarotonga for Niue on Thursday where he said he was going to spend some time on the internet to share the Rarotonga magic with as many sailors' as he could. "There's just this relaxed feeling about the place, the religious singing was fantastic an everything about Rarotonga I absolutely fantastic,"


 “Matarlki Wilson”


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Hi Rory,

Thanks for the email, its always great to get emails,

We are well on our way to Vava'u now.

We dont have PDF system on our computer, and attachments are undesirable, as the feck up the satallite connections.

So we cannot read the article.

 If its not too long,could you just type it out and send it, or get someone else to do it.

thats the safest way of doing it from our side.


Thanks again for everything,

we really enjoyed our visit to your beautifull Island.