Eating our way around the World ( presently in Reunion Island )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 29 Oct 2010 04:12
THURSDAY   28th  OCTOBER   2010
05.30hrs  Aileeen sprang to life and took off for a long walk into the centre of the "Port "  this is the town associated with the marina we are
presently located at.  The return journey here must be a good 4  /  5  miles.
06.30 Skipper and Terry got out of the scratchers and Skip decided to catch up with the blogs and emails, Terry did some scouting around and
observing the locals and what they were up to !
08.30  Collette and Neil arose and appeared to the rest of us. All this was followed by a healthy breakfast before we decided to head off
again in the "sardine can" to the beach at St- Gilles-les- Bains.
We fiddled around the place before we managed to get organised and eventually left the boat around 11.30 and headed south.
Neil had already agreed to go off with Oisin and the others touring around in their car.
St-Gilles, This beautifull village was just about 30 minutes drive away and as soon as we arrived , we all went for a swim in the crystal clear blue water
from the white sandy beach, one of the very few beaches on this Island.
Later, skipper wandered off to the nearby Aquarium and spent an hour or so enjoying a very well designed and maintained attraction.
The collection of fish and corals was terrific and well worth the 9 euro's entry  fee.
14.00hrs we found a beach side restaurant that served us beautifull Salads and Skipper had " Buck Wheat " crepe's with cheese and a fried egg
sitting on the top.  yum, yum, This was followed by some delicious icecream all served in Crepe's and we really enjoyed the food and the beers....
We met some of the other sailors from the fleet wandering about the place, some enjoying the swimming.
Later we squeezed into the " Sardine Can " once more and took off back to the boat and changed our clothes , as we were heading to St. Denis
to meet Paul and Susanna ( Rally Control ) for dinner,
18.15hrs ,We arrived at the appointed restaurant , and all had a few beers to start, except Neil , who was still out travelling with the others,
We had a lovely evening with Paul and Susanna and the food was equally very good,
We swopped stories and eventually left the place about 11.30pm and headed back to the boat again for a night cap, except
we observed Bob from " Ocean Jasper " heading over to the beach with his guitar, so Terry and Collette followed , while skipper went to the scratcher,
Its amazing who long it takes the body to shake off the affects of operations,drugs and skipper still gets tired early
in the evenings.
The party on the beach went on for half the night, Terry and Collette were heard returning with Neil well into the morning hours.
and then the zzzzzzzzzz machine got into full swing.
Thats all for now,
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )