" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World,

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 10 Jun 2010 20:15
THURSDAY    10th  June   2010     (   Presently in Vaka'eitu,  Vava'u,  Tonga, )
Another beautifull morning in paradise, with a nice 10 knot breeze blowing througn the boat, keeping us nice and cool.
We all went for an early swim. followed by a light breakfast.
Skipper went up the mast with the camera's to take photo's of the beautifull surroundings, the mast being 25 m high.
Donal and John winched skipper up the mast with the eletric winch, simple.
At midday, we decided to leave this anchorage and go to a small beautifull Island on the east coast, called " Kenutu " and
is one of the most beautifull anchorages in the pacific. however we abandoned that effort after an hour of trying to pick our way through
the large coral reef we had to negotiate on the way,
when the depth under the boat went below 1 m , skipper decided enough is enough, and off we went to another Island called " Vaka'eitu "
on the western shore, 
We had 3 different maps showing the narrow channel through the reef, all with the directions marked clearly ,as the channel was Z shaped, but no referance points,so we couldent find the starting point,  we were so dissapointed
Vaka'eitu, was not as pretty as Port Muerelle, and the water was cloudy by comparisson.
Again , we all went swimming and snorkling, the snorkling was excellent with lots of coral and fish. oh the star fish were a brilliant blue,
and there a lot of " sea urchins" with 12" long spines,    magnificant to look at .
Fats did the dinner,  roast rack of lamb, ohhhh this NZ lamb, as we said before, is so delicious,
we also had creamed potatoes with cheese and onions, peas and carrots ( out of the freezer ) and of course , the sauce, his signature thing.
all very yummy.....
We had little or no drink, in an effort to make up for all the booze we had last night.
Later,  we watched an Irish home made film called " Holy Water " which Aileen brought back with her, It was amaturish, but very funny,
then all off to the scratcher
Thats all,
Signed  :-    Stephen Hyde       ( skipper )