Sailing away from it all to Martha's Vinyard.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 9 Sep 2011 12:31
( Barometer 1003 )
Ohhhh, Its blooming freezing today, as well as being wet, wet, and wetter still, Gawd, the rain all night
was like something from a Biblical Tempest, so we decided to remain at anchor in this beautifull tiny harbor
of Pocassit for a couple of hours and see what happens to the weather,
Skipper got into the Generator again and byepassed the heat switch on the exhause pipe in an effort to trace the reason
for the generator missfiring or almost cutting out when the engine gets hot, we have already replaced the one on the manifold,
The second mate cooked eggs on toast for breckfast and this was greatly recieved,
10.45hrs  the rain stopped so we raised the anchor and nibbled our way out the narrow and shallow entrance and
back to the main entrance to the Cape Cod Canal.
There was a good stiff 18knot breeze blowing over our port quarter so we set the sails and sailed the 7 miles
to Woods Hole, another Canal type passage through the Islands and into Vineyard sound.
From woods hole we had to motor across to Edgartown , another 8 miles before picking up a prearranged
The weather , which was sunny and warm for the entire trip across, suddenly reverted back to being miserable,
it got windy and cold and damp, so we ran the generator and turned on the airconditioning to keep us nice and warm.
The generator seems to be working well again , no spluttering,  
Skipper unstrapped the dingy and went to lower the thing into the water when BANG, ohhhh my gawd, the wire on the stb
davitt snapped, the outboard and transome of the dingy fell into the sea and were completly submerged,
Thats not good for the outboard, so skipper immidiatly had to organise a marine operator to collect the dingy tomorrow morning
and overhaul the whole engine,
Later ,we got the harbor ferry ashore, Second Mate went for a walk while skipper went to the Yacht club and relaxed with a G&T
as a skipper should,,,,,,
Later still, we returned to " A Lady" , had dinner and went to the scratchers, 
Thats it  for today,
Signed  :-   Stephen Hyde  ( Skipper )