" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World, (presently in the Galapagos Islands)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 5 Mar 2010 23:19
THURSDAY 4th March 2010
07.00hrs  Very cloudy, we had lots of rain during the night, and whats more, A few big boats came and anchored very, very close to us.
That seems normal here , and very few people get upset about it, except langers like us from a forign land.
09.00hrs  We had a laugh about last night at dinner, We put the Germans up to winding up the Brits about being trampled on by Ireland
last weekend in Twickenham, and more recently how Eoin Morgan ( from Dublin) saved the brits from a humiliating defeat by Bangledesh
in International Cricket Test. It worked a treat,
By the way,  Eoin Morgan was the only man ever to score 100 runs for two different countries. Well done Eoin,
10.30hrs The skipper and aileen went ashore, Aileen toddled off scouting around, while skip went to the chandelry to buy a new smaller anchor for the stern. That was fruitless as they were sold out of anchors,
Later Aileen joined the skipper in an internet cafe and looked up all the photo's of the new grandchildren on the net.
Meanwhile Fats is working away on A LADY with John from " Eowyn" and downloaded a detailed map of the world onto our P.C.
fantastic, at least we now have the details, even if its not on deck, thanks lads,
Oh , by the way, John is a Scot,
14.00hrs, George arrieved from Equador with the SSB and set about installing it again, fingers crossed that it will work.
16.00hrs and we have some kind of service on the radio, but it needs to be tested long distance to be sure,
Fat's also dressed the boat with all our bunting, looked real cool. best looking boat in the harbour.
17,00hrs, We all went ashore for the happy hour thing at the rock Restaurant again,
Aileen and Skipper decided to stay ashore in a hotel as the sea state was rough enough to worry A about getting on and off the boat,
her legs are too flippin short and some water taxi's are very low in the water, add the bouncing around and it gets Hairy,
Two people have already fallen into the drink, luckily, no wounds.
20.00hrs Fat's and George returned to " A Lady " to test it with a contact george made in Equador, The radio failed to transmit.
something seriously wrong here and there are no answers, George had to return home without solving the problem,
Thats boats.
We survived with out it working properly up to this , so we will just carry on as before.
meanwhile S & A got a great deal in the " Red Mangrove Hotel" for 2 nights B & B, so they are as happy as pigs in s
Sarah and Paul stayed in this hotel on their honeymoon travels,  small world.
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde   ( skipper)