Saialing around the World ( Presently in Port Villa, Vanuatu. )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 11 Jul 2010 21:59
SUNDAY  10 th JULY  2010
08.00hrs   We had a late morning, and its cloudy and windy, a cool 26 degrees.
There are 17 of the WA boats here, with 3 more to come, 11 of the boats are tied onto the Quay wall. the rest are on moorings,
including ourselves,
09.00hrs, skipper dropped Scotty ashore to do his usual internet stuff, and while there went and hired a 4x4. thats all that was available,
10.oo, Masses were all over at this stage, so we took off in the truck,
First place we stopped was the golf course to check what it was like. yeah, ok an 18 hole course.and would be delighted to see us at any stage.
On from there , we went to "Hideaway Island"  and resort,
This was a very interesting place,  It had an underwater post box yes, an underwater post box,
You buy a special post card and write your message in pencil, then swim out to where the post box is located and dive down the 3m
to the post box and drop in your cards.. crazy, but we did send some cards from there,
Then skipper did some snorkling,  a truely magnificant coral garden,, with gazillions of beautifully coloured fish swimming around the swimmers.
Must have spent an hour and a half in the water , because in the end skipper was feeling cold, and had to get out.
we had lunch there and all in all , a great place.
15.00hrs  We stopped at the " Mele Cascade Falls "
These were awsome,  A good mile or more of beautifully laid out and maintained gardens with cascading water falls all along the route,
We even had to walk through the cascading water in lots of places, and this was fun,
but the surrounding lush green trees, magnificant bamboo's , ferns, and of course the birds,
The whole trip around there took about 2 hours, and we were really impressed.
Later , we drove along the ring road and passed Hat Island, off out to sea, a very important place for the natives.
On the way, we came to a restaurant called "Havannah Point"
We went in and had a look,  Super, It had a small marina, and board walk, beautifull white fine sandy beaches, Chalets and
a truly magnificant Restaurant,  A citcular building with a straw roof, and mostly open to the water, the finishes were first class,
we hit the money here, and it was a french restaurant, so we stayed for dinner,
The whole place was set in lush gardens and no shortage of money here.,,, very, very impressive ..
Dinner consisted of prawns in filo pastry, with creamed carrots and nutmeg, brockily, creamed potatoes, beautifully presented,
and Aileen had a chicken dish, the likes we have not seen before, as only the french can do...
And the whiskey mousse dessert and Aileens chocklet cake drowned in chocklet sauce were to die for. 
We relaxed for a while in front of the roarinf log fire on the beach, and then made our way back to the truck and returned to the
marina , where we met Scotty and Oisin, we chatted for a while and then took the rib out to "A Lady"
As we were getting into the rib, some guy came ashore in his rib, ranting and raving and almost totally out of control,
it seemed his boat had been raided and his laptop, plus other items were nicked,   Ohhh we felt so sorry for him
and the rest of his family on board his ketch , which was moored out by us.
Lucky for us , we were all closed up, so nothing taken from us,,   thats the kind of thing that would really upset your trip......
A great day in all, full of surprises.
Thats it for now.
Signed :-  Stephen  Hyde   ( Skipper )