Sailing around the World ( Presently in the Whit Sunday Islands, Australia, )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 6 Aug 2010 22:45
FRIDAY   6th AUGUST   2010,
08.00hrs  Skipper had a long chat with " Fats" this morning, he has arrieved home to Cork safe and sound,and is in great form,
That reminds me, we have not heard a gug from my brother Rom since the 26th june last. He used to be a great regular source
of amusement for us all on board with his entertaining stories.
08.30hrs  Chris, the guy for the generator arrieved and after a couple of hours discovered that the MPU  had the top taken off by something
flying around in the fly wheel housing. This could only happen if someone dropped a screw or nut into that space while servicing the generator.
You cant trust the staff any more, anyway, we had to order some more MPU's and  a couple of spares,
The alternative was to take the generator apart, and skipper thought of the two other yachts on the trip that had their generators opened up
and eventually had to replace them entirly because of the damage caused by the decided against this option.
09.30hrs Jack arrieved to up grade the " Sea fresh " water maker and hopefully this will result in us getting 140 / 150 L per hour
instead of the 70 L we get at present.  The advantage of this is, we would only need to run the generator for half the time to replace run down stocks,
and this in turn reduces the number of times it need a service, and significantly reduces the chances of  mechanics fecking up the engine,
The boat holds 1100L of water in her holding tank, ( 1 ton ) and we usually keep it fairly full, The main usage of this water ( We Keep bottled water
for drinking ) is washing, Showers, and of course if we use our on board high pressure hose to wash / hose down the decks, this will use 250L in ten minutes. ( Could we use it as a defence against  pirates ? )  hopefully we wont see any of those guys,
Chris from Mackay arrived with new spare parts for the E120 and a new SSB radio,, 
To make a long storey short, the spares for the E120 only partially worked and it seems we will have to try another angle on this. ( Like someone else )
Meanwhile Niall and skipper checked out the old chart plotter down below at the Nav station, the GPS works there and so does the screen,
so we will get hold of a nav card tomorrow and hopefully we will have a back up system, if all other things fail ( E 120 ) Otherwise we could be stranded here for a while,
The SSB,, well what can I say,   chris ran out of time to fit this, and really had no idea of how or where to install the main part of the radio,
It is a lot bigger than the old one, so we said to him,  " Leave it there and we will fit the blinking thing"  It entails a lot of work and surgery
 around the Nav desk, but Skipper has been in here before and knows all the screws and all the bits,  So we will manage.
17.00hrs, Skipper put on some braised lamb shanks, this was a new menue for him,
Mary did the spuds and green beans, and it all turned out just delicious,,  We ate in the Royal Saloon, as it was too chilly outside,
Later, we skyped Stefan and as luck would have it, Leah and Jamie were with him
in his office, so Skipper got a look at this granchild for the first time. This is all wonderfull technology as we have said before.
We had a great laugh on the boat before hitting the scratchers, 
Thats it for now,
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper )