"A LADY" trip around the world, ( presently in Union Island , the Grenadines, Carribbean)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 30 Dec 2009 14:32
TUESDAY 29th December 2009
Up bright and early,
After a light breckfast, Paul and Sarah went off to Horse shoe reef to do some snorkling,
Meanwhile , Stefan and Stephen ( the young fellow and the old fellow) cleaned around the Generator and as it was running, we examined it carefully
, checking for leaks and making sure it was all working properly..
As the generator was running, we also had the " sea fresh" ( watermaker) unit running, so we looked over this and found two leaks, one in the cover of the filters and the other in the main "membrain" These will have to be sorted out before leaving St Lucia in January ( we have a spare filter cover, left in the boat when we sailed out of Crosshaven last June )
We then examined all the sea cocks in that area, particularly as we have to use our holding tanks for the toilet's etc. while we are in this region.
12.00 we sailed out of Tobago Cay's to the nearby Island ( approx 4 miles ) of Mayreau and dropped anchor in " Saline bay"
We all went ashore, Skipper walked to the top of the island and  vied the whole region from on high, no words could describe the beauty of the place.
Then we all went swimming in the surf on the beach for an hour or so. SUPER, being sucked in and out of the beach by the big waves roling in.
16.00 we set sail again , this time for Union Island ( approx 5 miles due south) again a nice easterly breeze of about 20 knots.
The yachts around are plentyfull, in fact at times ,trying to find a space to anchor is a job in inself.
some of the yachts are huge, making the lovely " A LADY" look tiny in this sea of tranqulity.
18.00 when we had eventually got the hook down, the crew went ashore while the skipper prepared one of his specials, " Korean Goolash "
and creamed potatoes, we watched a D.V.D  called " the Santa Clause "  ohh ,very funny and we all enjoyed it very much.
Later we had a night cap , before eventually falling into the scratchers.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz