Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 24 Jan 2011 08:52
SUNDAY  23rd  JANUARY   2011   ( presently at sea )
The wind remained a steady 20  /  25 knots for the whole night,
It was a cloudy night with no sight of the rising sun.
09.00hrs RADIO CALL   :-  " Lady Eve V1" was the net controller for today, and again , we seemed to have made good progress on the fleet,
Lady Eve belongs to " Christos" our doctor friend who was born in Greece but resides and used to practice in Germany,
Christos always says to us , that the best paid doctors in the world are the " Irish "
mind you, we have heard that from many other doctors on our travels around the world.
Distance travelled..........................472 miles
Distance to destination. ................1,468 miles
The day was pretty uneventfull, however the wind remained steady all day , which was good for progress.
We put the clocks back an hour, well the one in the saloon, and the watches, we left the E120 computer
on Cape Town time, as we will need this when we arrive in Salvador to work out our sailing time from South Africa to Brazil.
The sea was fairly bumpy all day, even skipper had to resort to tablets during food preperation time in the galley.
Aileen made some more of the lovely bread, yum,yum,
Dinner by Skipper was a Roast Chicken, raost potatoes, Runner beans, ( the green ones ) creamed potatoes, and baked beans,  
The chicken was from Argentina , how about that.!
8.20pm, we had travelled 537 miles since we left St. Helena and covered 189 miles in the last 24 hours.
we spoke to " Wild Tigres" and she was only 32 miles away, having motored 12 hours in the last 24.
It is great having them close bye and someone to chat to.
The night sky was clear , and all those beautifull stars up there , glittering away , never fail to impress the skipper.
Thats it for now
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )