Sailing to St lucia

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 25 Apr 2011 13:14
MONDAY 25th APRIL   20011  ( Easter Monday )
Skipper feels he lost 28lbs yesterday changing the puncture for the Old American on the hill, All that heat and hard work,
 lifting and hauling the wheels for a 4x4 takes its toll. However, thats the good deed for Easter,
If you asked Aileen, bet she would say that St. Anthony sent skipper along specially to do that task at that time.
St . Anthony is wonderfull, He gets credit for everything skipper finds, even the things he knows where they are,
Last night, We met up with Graham & Chrissie again and went to Mr. Mac's , a pizzeria, on the water front and it was great,
It was certainly one of the best pizza's skipper ever had anywhere, with fresh mushrooms, Crispy bacon, ( fantastic )
and lots of cheese, yum,yum, Graham aand Skipper shared an 18" between them while Aileen had a chicken curry and
Chrissie had Quische, and the price was great value.
We returned to " A Lady" and Graham tried in vain to update the boats Mailasail system, so Skipper has sent an email to
our whizz kid at home " Arnaud" and hopefully he will be able to do it from Ireland,
Today, we ( skipper ) got out of the scratcher around 05.30 and freshened up, went on deck and failed to get the rib up on the Davitts
because the blinkin batteries in the lazerette are dead as dodo's , so we will have to tow the rib the 60 odd miles to ST Lucia,
We have decided to stop over in Marigot Bay tonight and head up to Rodney Bay early in the morning tomorrow.
There we wilol be joined by our friends from Belfast, Ian, Joan & Alan Mc Millan,
We slipped our mooring lines, motored over to " Eowyn and said goodbye to Graham & Chrissie and headed out to sea and
north towards St. Vincent and on up to St. Lucia from there.
The wind was easterly and blowing 20+ knots, so we had a fetch , great sailing again scooting along at 8.5 knots.
We passed the P&O cruise ship " Aurora" plus a myriad of sailing craft heading in all sorts of directions,
So far , so Good, all 2 of us out in our togs, getting the colour up again,
Breckfast was a high and mighty bowl of cornflakes,  plus a modest cup of English breckfast " Tea "
Thats it for now
Signed  :-   Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )