A Lady trip, Escaping the recession in style.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 25 Oct 2009 20:42
THURSDAY  22nd October 2009
We spent most of the day on the boat, you know, cleaning, tidying, moving things around trying to make space out of nothing.
Thinking forward, we must have plenty of available space for enough  provisions to last at least 12/14 days at sea, and you cannot store
fresh food that will last that long.
Our biggest worry about going to las palmas in " Gran Canary " is that rats and cockroaches are everywhere,
The Boss is worried shitless before we ever get to the feckin place, GOD help us, Cockies on the boat.......Ohhhhhhhhhh  no
WE WILL KEEP EVERYTHING LOCKED, so nothing gets on board, not even broken wind.
Later we visited the " Gran Melia Volcan " hotel , which is very close to the boat, A 5* hotel with beautifull indoor planting, more akin to
a tropical garden. Later on we walked along the coast path to the " Gran Castille " hotel, also a 5* hotel, but the old style and a bit tired in
comparrison to the  " Gran Melia ".....
That night we had dinner in the  " El Mirrador " restaurant in the port of Rubican, A great setting looking west over the bay.
As we finished , we got talking to an Irish couple sitting close to us, Tom and Emer COGHLAN,     The spelling here is very important,
because Aileen is a COGHLAN, ( they have the nearest thing to blue blood, so were told. ) Anyway we had a real laugh with them
and even came back to the beautifull " A Lady " for more drink and extra laughs, We looked over photo's and discovered that Tom had been in class
with SIMON COVENEY. small world. He works in City Bank in Dublin.
Late night,
FRIDAY 23 October
Up early, S.H. went off and hired a Volvo " S 20 " automatic, ( got it at half price )  By mid morning we were on our way to GOLF at the old course,
This place was just north of Arricife, the capitol. This time the golf ETTIQUETTE was a major problem, ( well it always is anyway ) a problem for
Stephen, ( went to the wrong school and doesent have blue blood )   was driving the buggy close to the fairway,    Against their rules,
but, and there is always a but , everyone else was driving on the fairways, but that did not matter, S.H was out of order, but the best of all was
S.H was totally out of order,again referred to as ETTIQUETTE over the way he marked the card,............. WOMEN ARE VERY CLEVER.
Stephen ( being ahead on the first nine )     LOST the match because he was out ettiquetted..
Later we visited  Costa Teguise and afterwards went to the lovely Village of TEGUISE, The original capitol of LANZAROTE..
We stopped off at the Restaurant " AMURA " for dinner on our way back, where we met  ADRIAN and MARY POWER, from cork,
More drink, and he introduced us to Mr Calero , Who built " Porto Colero " and where Adrian and Mary have a house.
Another Late night.
S.H. will never last the pace of all this. Women thrive on it all, ( God bless them )