Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 9 Mar 2011 10:46
TUESDAY   8th  MARCH   2011
We got a few midgit bites during the night, these blooming tiny things are so small they cannot be seen.
a real nuisance.
It was a dull morning and the first thing this morning was to seal up the bung hole on the Rib with duck tape.
having lost the bung last night.
Did we mention that we got a mention in " Yachting World"   the March Issue,  The article has written by Sue Mackay ( Voyaguer )
about the repairs and spares for boats doing a round the world trips.
Later, as we went ashore to do our provisioning, we noticed that " Cheshire Cat's " dingy was locked to the marina,
we thought this was soooo funny, these are the guys who took " Brown Eyed Girls " rib a few nights ago from the marina, late at night,
without permission, and then tied it to their boat. When Joe & Judy ( Brown Eyed Girl ) returned to the marina, they had
no way to get out to their boat . 
All hell broke loose later , as you could imagine, so isint it funny, these guys now have their dingy Locked to the marina,
Skipper and First Mate took the bus to " Carrefour " supermarket to do our final provisioning, the buses are great fun,
We spent a couple of hours in this place, ( great to be in an airconditioned place ) , There were many of the fleet sailors
all doing the same as ourselves.
Later, around 13.00hrs  , we had lunch in the restaurant upstairs, cheep and cheerfull.  Today is a public holiday in Brazil,
so most places are closed,
Eventually, we made our way back to the boat and stowed away all the goods,
Late afternoon, we did some skyping to those at home, The Grandchildren, Emily & rachel.
18.30 we went ashore again to Rally Control's BBQ ,
This took place around the small swimming pool, where there were 4 brick built BBQ's on the go,
We all brought our own food and drink, well, rally control did supply some free beers to start the evening off.
It was a great night, as everyone sat around the pool munching their food and chatting , mostly about leaving
and some making marraige plans and shoppiing trips for the wedding, ( Here we mention the forthcomming wedding
of Jimmy ( Ocean Jasper ) to Annie from Mackay in Australia.
Most of the fleet have been invited to the wedding , which is to take place in the Grenadines , about a few weeks from now.
We had a long chat with Herman & Sylvia, It was obvious that they very upset that they were not doing the trip to Granada
with us, but they would not or could not  tell us what happened on " Destiny"  that caused them to change their minds. 
but, but, something clearly did.
Aileen went back to " A Lady " early to do some house work, got a lift from Susan and Dave, but did not remember where the key
 was placed as skipper had mover its hiding spot.and of course forgot to mention it. so the First mate had to spend an hour or so
lying in the cockpit untill skipper eventually made his way back to the boat,  
Clearly, the " First Mate" was not a happy bunny,   Oooop's sorry love !
Still, it was an enjoyable evening, and not too late returning to the scratchers,
Thats all for now,
Signed :-  Stephen  Hyde   ( Skipper )