A Lady in Connecticut

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 13 Jul 2011 14:09
WEDNESDAY   13th  JULY  2011
Time flies, we have been back to Ireland since the last blog and have now rejoined the boat
at " Brewers Pilots Point marina" in Connecticut , New England, USA
 Last Friday we attended Carol Moloney and James Curtain wedding in Killarney, Ireland, 
The ceromony was at the Prince of Peace Church,  Fossa, and the reception was held in the " Europe Hotel "
The whole day was excellent, a great show,
An interesting thing happened on our return, and again goes to show how small this world is !
On the plane, Skipper met " Froggie Moran" and his wife Berna ,  Froggy ( John ) used to teach us French at school in C.B.C Cork ,
He dident look a day older than he did in the last centuary when we were at school and of course he addressed me  " Hello Rom "
Rom being my brother and must have a much better student than Skipper , because when ever Skipper meets any teacher from
that educational acadamy, the always call him " Rom "   Skipper obviously made no impression on the teaching staff. 
Blinking well dumb then and still dumb today........ 
Anyway, this encounter turned out well for us as the Moran,s son " Aiden " works and lives in Connecticut , and his
house is anly a couple of miles from " A Lady " at Pilots point,   Gawd, how lucky can we get !
Aiden gave us a lift from J.F.K. all the way to the boat, and also came aboard to view operations,
Yesterday was spent talking to the boat yard about having antifouling done and repairing the damage to the starboard side
of the boat, This was followed by going off for a ride on the bicycles, Aileen on our fold up bike ( which was repaired while we were
back in Ireland ) and skipper on a borrowed bike from the boat yard,
Talk about chewing off to much ! we cycled to " West brook" first and then onto " Old Saybrook " and from there down to " Fenwick Point "
There is a beautifull public 9 hole golf course there , which passes the side of  Audrey Hepburn's  house  ( Mansion ) which sits on the edge
of the sea shore........ and of course we had to go and say hello at the front door,
Aileen lost her back pack in a field , which we recovered later, like much later having had to recycle lots of miles to do so. all this adding
to skippers already saddle sore ass, ohhhhhh. the pain of it all,   Skippers bum is not used to so much abuse in one day .
and now its getting dusky, so we peddled like to madmen back to " Westbrook" and had a great meal in the  "Routers cafe "
Later , fully stuffed, we cycled along the shore road back to the boat, almost a full moon shimmering across the sea
looked just wonderfull and took away the pain of the sore bum for a while.
We hit the scratchers and ZZZZZZZZZZZ
Thats all for now,
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )