Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 13 Mar 2011 10:51
SATURDAY   12th  MARCH  2011
We had plenty of lightning during the night, We do not like this when it is close, we have seen too many boat electronics
and electrics completly destroyed by lightning strikes, including our friend Siun on " Liberty" when she and her family
were struck by a bolt of lightning near Panama early last year.
Shortly after midnight, we had a dancing class, yeah, dancing around in circles, the wind died down, and then began
to go around in circles, and we did the same too for about an hour, but ebventually we copped on and started the engine and motored.
 about 2 hours later,  the wind filled in from behind, 17 /18 knots, so we shut down the engine and off we went on our
merry way under sail again.
The wind during the day just came and went, sometimes we had great sailing and other times we were just bobbing around
going no where fast.
Suzanna was in much better shape today, eating lunch, the " Avacado & Prawn " salad, plus all the bits,
We still had a lot of catching up on sleep starvation, so lots of naps.
Generally , the day was very pleasent, relativly flat seas, and this made for a comfortable day at sea, about 100 miles off shore now.
Skipper spent most of the afternoon preparing the light dinner, this meal we had recently and it comes from one of Aileens many, many
cookery books on board.except last time  skipper did not flatten the chicken properly, so we were going to get it right this time.
            We took the brest of chicken and placed it between two sheets of butter paper, ( wax paper ) and walloped it with the
            timber mallot  untill it was about 2.5 times its original size and fairly thin,
            This was then seasoned, and lined with a layer of cheese and then a layer of Parmo ham,
            Then a line of stuffing about 1/2" in diamiter ( made of creamed potatoes and soft cheese mixed ) plus a single piece of asperigus
            was placed across one end and then all rolled up like a swiss roll, rolled in seasoned flour and fried on the pan for about 25 minutes.
            This was served with a lovely sauce, with baby spinage and asperigus, and some tomatoes for colour.
It was yum, yum, and much much better than last time,
Whats funny was the book says 15 mins preperation time,  we think now after 2 efforts at this, they really mean about 1.5 hours,
but, but, we have loads of time,
Soon dusk appeared, and by 6pm we had travelled 386 miles since we left Recife, going nowhere fast.
As the evening went by, we had lots of rain, but again that is usual for this area around the equator, and especially off the
mouth of the Amazon,
That it for today,
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde  ( Skipper )