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A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 23 Jun 2011 15:14
THURSDAY  23rd  JUNE  2001
firstly , Skipper made a mistake in the lasy blog,
We have sailed 35,839 nautical miles, ( not 25,839 as stated in the statistics )
TUESDAY ( last )
We had a good nights sleep at anchor beside " Duck Island"  
We spent the morning cleaning and Aileen did some packing in preperation for her trip home,
After lunch ( avacado and prawns ) the tide was high enough to allow " A Lady " enter Westbrook , to " Brewers Pilot Point's
marina, even at almost high tide, we still only had 0.5m clearance,   The waters all around here are shallow,
hence almost all boats are motor boats,
Aileens school pal , Jacinta Raferty, lives close by in " Madison" so Jacinta and her husband Thurlok invited us to dinner in
their house and spend the night ashore with them,  It was all very good, a beautifull meal and a stable bed for a change,
Up early, Skipper went for a walk , exploring the locality, It was great to see all the Squirrels, the Chip monks, the rabbits,
to smell the pine Trees and especially the Wild Woodbine flowers ,, all great for the early morning wake up time.........
The houses in the area were all beautifull and well maintained, not to mention all the walkers, joggers, and cyclists
and oldies like skipper doing their thing,    ahhhh yes, good for the soul this time................
Jacinta dished up a good breckfast and then took us to the post office so skipper could post a memory stick with photo's to
oyster for their next article, this was followed with a trip to the Hardware store for some Imperial spanners
and a few other boat bits, and then off back to the restaurant at the Marina where we met Jacinta's friend " Rita"
There we had lunch ,just the four of us, and by now it was beginning to rain fairly heavily.
Rita gave us some valuble information about the currents in the area, plus the places to go and the area's to avoid. ......................
Later, Skipper and First mate Aileen returned to the boat and continued packing and cleaning before returning to the Raterties
house again at 18.30hrs,
This was followed by dinner across the street in " elizebeth's" cafe, we had a good time there, lots of chat, explaining all the different
places we visited on the trip, and they explaining their lives in th Cennecticut to us. Thurlock is a retired doctor from " Yale Hospltal "
which is close to Madison, where they live, but  now teaches there most days,
We spent the night in their house again, as Aileen will travel from there to the airport tomorrow to catch her flight home.
Thats all for now,
Stephen Hyde :-  Skipper