Sailing around the World ( presently in Mauritius )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 21 Oct 2010 06:06
WEDNESDAY   20th   OCTOBER   2010
05.45hrs Aileen hopped out of the scratcher and set off for early Mass.
07.00hrs, Terry and Skipper set off in the car to fill up the petrol containers for the rib,
We also decided to finish the shopping , but, but the flippin Jumbo's supermarket was closed and not opening till 09.00hrs,
so we did a short trip down to the coast and watched fishermen get ready for their day...
Later , we returned to the boat and gathered up the togs and sun creams, towels and flippers and headed off again , south this time
to a beautifull beach called " Flick and Flack "
Neil went on his merry way to complete his PADI course, in fairness to him, he had to do a lot of study before going, as this thing
includes a written exham, as well as the practical thing of diving.
The beach was again all this beautifull white sand facing west onto the ocean, with thousands of palm / coconut trees lining the shore side of the beach,
we rented 4 sun beds and ganerally napped and went swimming all day, Skipper did go for a 3 mile walk along the beach, badly needing the excersise.
Collette got plenty of sun, and was glowing by the end of the day,
14.50hrs  Skipper took a taxi to Quatre Bornes for his final ckeck up with the doctor, and glad to report that all is well.
He returned to the beach just as the sun was going down into the sea, and we , all 4 of us headed off back to Port Louis.
We met Neil on our return and he had a big grin from ear to ear, He had passed his PADI course, and recieved his certs. so he was a happy bunny.
He then took off with all the others ( Younger folk ) to do the town, while the rest of us, went to  " Voyageur" for dinner,
On board, were David and Susan, ( owners ) John and Jenny  from Tzagine and the four of us,
We had starters, mainers, and lots of cheese and wine to follow,  We had a round of jokes to finish before returning to " A Lady "
All in all, a nice easy day with a great evening to finish the day.
Thats all for now.
Signed  :-  Stephen Hyde  ( Skipper )