Sailing around the World ( Christmas in Ireland )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 9 Jan 2011 15:50
Monday 20th December,
Skipper had a slow start to the day, but had enough energy to get himself into town for thje annual get together of Architects and Planners
for a few drinks at 12.30 in the " Mutton Lane Inn " and then onto the " Farm Gate " restaurant in the English Market.
This event was started by Roddy Hogan and Skipper about 25 years ago and has always been a great day.
In the early days, we would keep going untill the small hours of the following morning, But,but now we are all done by 7 pm and have to be collected
and driven home,
However, this time, Skipper had to get to the Royal Cork Y.C. as the mother " Gladys" was also having her annual christmas party
in the Y.C. This includes all her living children, her granchildren, and great granchildren and at 94, she is still doing very well for her age.
Again this is always a great event and everyone loves this gathering.
Tuesday 21st.   Skipper had to do some buisness in town before heading off to " Adare Manor " hotel where he was meeting Aileen  and
joining Johnny and Mary horgan for a meal . We stayed the night in one of the town houses at the manor before returning to cork
the following day.via killarney to visit Aileens Mother,
Wednesday 22nd  Shopping and the ourchase of Food,
Thursday 23rd,  Leah , johnny and Jamie arrived from Dublin for the christmas, and skipper cooked dinner that evening.
Friday 24 th  skipper4 and Aileen had our annual christmas lunch with the Glounthaune people, Tony and Niamh Fitzpatrick, Fergus and
Gillian o Connell, Micheal and Mary Byrne, This year it was held in the Golf club.
Saturday 25th Christmas Day, We rose early and went to Mass in passage West, we had a late breckfast and skipper put on the turkey and all the rest of the food, dinner took 5 hours to prepare and it all went well.We ran a slide show of all the photo's of the trip and everyone enjoyed Jamie
slowly dismantling the house. thats what young children are for.
We had pauls dog and leah's dog , so these had to be taken for long walks every day. so this kept us waddeling old crocks
form falling over from lack of exercise and too much booze and food.
Monday 26th , Usually we would go to the races in Limerick, but these were cancelled this year due to the frost and snow. We went for
 long walks instead.
Tuesday 27th  ( skippers birthday ) more walks and we went to Donal Mc Clement's house fro a roast beef dinner that night,  Ye will remember
Donal ( Fats ) who sailed on " A Lady " for 6 months.
More tomorrow,
Signed :- Stephen Hyde    ( skipper )