Sailing around the World,

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 28 Jan 2011 04:46
THURSDAY  27th  JANUARY   2011
Distance travelled since St. Helena.............................1,128 miles
( we sailed 380 miles in the last 48 hours,)
It was a beautiful starrey night again, one ship passed heading east away in the distance to the south.and the blue spinniker was flying. 
02.00hrs, Sham called Skipper , who was in the bunk at the time,
On deck, the spinniker was blowing in the wind, soon it became appearent that the guy had sheered off, ( as Terry says, " Just broke" )
Chrips, more trouble, We turned on the fwd deck lights, put on  the gloves and made our way to the fore deck ,
At this stage , all the retriving lines on the Spinniker sock were twisted around the spinniker itself, so this made the task of snuffing the sail
much more difficult,
However , after much struggling, pulling and hauling, cursing and swearing, we managed to get things under control and eventually
managed to drop the sail on deck,
At this stage we were dripping from the hard work and the heat. we could have been squeezed out to dry.
We then set up a goose wing arrangment and off we went again on our merry way,
Alls well again, so we sat down in the cockpit and had a cup of " Barrys Tea "
And, and, the Girls slept through the whole thing. as girls should do !
07.00hrs,  We had covered 200 miles in the last 24 hrs.
09.00hrs :- RADIO CALL  We made good progress on the whole fleet again over the last 24 hours,
Today, we were back to cornflakes and cornflakes for breakfast, no more fancy stuff for the moment,
Another beautifull day,
We spent some time looking at the spinniker, but did not take it out of the sock,
we also did some sewing on the sock itself, its beggining to show its age,
The flipping generator overheated again and stopped, we must have a small leak or something in the manifold, we will have to get
this looked at sooner than later. but right now, the only thing we can do is keep topping it up with coolent. a pain in the butt.
Aileen did the lunch, while skipper changed the lure on the fishing rod as nothing was happening here fast.
Its unusual for us to go more than 2 days without catching some thing .
06.00hrs  We put the roast chicken and roast potatoes in the oven and our milage in the last 24 hrs since this time
last night was 182 miles, It makes a big differance not to have the spinniker flying all day and night.
We gybed the boat back onto Port before setteling down to another night at sea,  ( night no. 8 )
the weather was good, moderate seas, the wind went up and down from 14 to 24 knots and the skies were partly cloudy.
Thats all for now,
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper )