Sailing around the World,

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 18 Mar 2011 14:16
FRIDAY  18th  MARCH  2011
Its amazing how things change so quickly, The Bunnies are happy once again,
Yesterday, we were going to give up sailing and today, we cannot get enough of it. funny how things turn around.  
Last night, we had a roast beef dinner, with roast potatoes, creamed potatoes, baked beans ( the ones Paul brough us from the UK )
and " horse radish sauce"   , It was excellent and the seas made things better by remaining flat, so we ate in the " Starlight "
Then the wind filled in from the NE , about 25 / 30 knots, so with 2 reefs in the main and half a headsail, we took off into
the sunset, this time there was actually a sunset.
Skipper did the 00.00hrs to 03.00hrs  watch, and spent most of the time sitting out on the " Quarter deck bench" admiring the moon
shimmering across the sea while scooting along at 9.5 knots,
This gave time to reflect on many things, one of them being " Breckenridge" Colerado U.S.A.   why Breckenridge, because today
 we had an email from Rikke Dreesman,( Breckenridge ) along with many others from Robbie Andrews, Niall o Rielly, Sylvia & Herman ( Germany  )
Vera & larry the other day ( NZ ) , Anne Coghlan ( Swedan ) Kevin Dwyer, ( a great supporter ) Leah Mc Kenna ( daughter) 
Margaret How,  and many others,  
Anyway, Aileen & Myself , our son Paul and his wife Christine , spent a 2 week holiday in Breckenridge many years ago,
The things that stand out in the skippers mind clearly about that trip was, sailing in a lake in the Rockies, playing golf in the rockies,
on a municipal golf course which really impressed Skipper and Aileen, and the " Hot Air Baloon " trip with champaigne for breckfast.
That was a laugh, the Baloon did not do what the pilot expected, so we wound up travelling a long distance down the Rockies
before he found an RV parking lot suitable for landing the Baloon, and good for him, as we were about to run out of gas to
stay aloft. and the champaigne was handed out in plastic glasses in a public carpark. so sofisticated,
The other fond memory was a trip to " Aspen" and it must have been winter, because skipper clearly remembers the girls 
Aileen & Christine sitting in the " Hot Tub " every evening on our return to the Condo. The Tub was on the snow covered balcony.
Rikke sends emails now and then, and are always welcome, again Rikke reads the blog. well done Rikke..( what a small world )
and well done to everyone who sends emails. and reads the blog.
09.00hrs  Radio Call. The fleet are well spread out along the coast, some boats ( as mentioned yesterday ) are sailing with
" Basia" keeping her company untill she reaches where ever she goes. These group of boats are about 300 miles or so behind " A Lady "
At our present speed, we should reach " Granada " next Monday 21st march, but we will be happy if we dont get there untill Tuesday.
Distance travelled ..................................1,370 n miles
Distance to destination, .......................... 736  n miles
" Basia" have found another leak in their boat and are coping with that by hand bailing, still they had a comfortable night
by all accounts and are slowly making their way NW.
We are now solidly in the trade winds again, long may it last, and whats more, ( believe it or not ) we have a current of 1 knot
with us, pushing us along,  
Skipper checked all along our course to Granada, and it would seem that we will have a favourable current of 3  to  4 knots
with us as we get closer to our destination, Its called the   " The South Equitorial Current " now, that will be interesting.
Thats it for now.
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )