" A Lady " trip the A.R.C. Las Palmas to St Lucia, avoiding the recession in style

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 28 Nov 2009 20:04
FRIDAY /  SATURDAY  27 & 28th November 2009
Distance travelled   1190 n miles
Distance to go to St Lucia.    1600 n miles
Crew :-   Dermot O Meara,  Mark Newenham, John O Connor, Jenny Brearley, & Stephen Hyde ( skipper )
The Boat :-  A Lady.   ( an Oyster 56 )
Friday night at 20.15 we reached 1000 n miles travelled.
Dinner consisted of chicken drumsticks, roast potatoes, corrots and peas, prepared and cooked by dermot.
We allowed ourselves 1 G&T as we needed to maintain good boat speed all night, It seems the 4 Oyster 56's are very close and as this is also a race
we dont want to let the side down wiyhout a fight.
We have approx 3500 sq. feet of sail up and in a constant 20 /26 lnots of wind , the boat maintains a speed of 8 /10 knots, occasionaly reaching 12
and on one occasion we hit the dizzy speed of 13.8 knots.  every one board is really enjoying the trip , and of course there is a bet on, as to when we will arrieve, and our neighbour Jason , sailing a Beneteau 57 called " Jasmine" said in Las Palmas that he would be waiting for us with the drinks in St Lucia.
Well well, he is at least 100 miles behind us right now
The morning started dull and the wind was fresh. . mark found 2 large flying fish on the deck when he went for his daily exercise and of course we photographed them before he used them for bait. Unfortunatly they caught nothing, and after a days fishing ,using all the different baits on board,
nothing.. except he nearly hooked the female sperm WHALE we nearly ran over.
The WHALE was no more than 20' from the boat and we clearly startled her . she" shat " herself with the fright and the sea turned brown with about  2 tons of poo,to our amusement, she followed the boat for a while before going off on her merry way.
Later we had showers on board before preparing for dinner, whitch is going to be prepared by JOHN.
We looked at making bread in the micro , but that was dropped for now , as it takes 3.5 hours to make.. Feck , that was not on the box when we bought the thing,
Thats it for now
Stephen Hyde  ( skipper )