"A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World and avoiding the recession, (presently in the " Las Perlas Islands" Panama)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 3 Feb 2010 15:22
TUESDAY  2nd February 2010
07.00hrs All up out of the bunks, all very slow from last night, that is all except Aileen , who gave up the booze a couple of years ago.
08.00hrs  We moved " A  Lady " over to the fuel dock and filled the Diesel tank, ( it took 550L .... 128 US gls)
and the feckers spilt lots of diesel over our lovely newly cleaned decks,
We cleared our marina paperwork and paid the bills and set off south , towards the Las Perlas Islands,
On our way out of the marina, we passed this magnificant sailing yacht,  " ERICA  XII "    174 feet long and 33 feet wide
God , when you think about it, this yacht is wider than " Cruachan" is long.
The wind was 25knots behind us, oh  just lovely and we had visions of sailing this 35 miles or so with the spinniker flying.
Unfortunatly, the wind changed and for now we sailed with main and Yankee, Still we were sailing at 8 knots,
The SEA was noticably much flatter than the Atlantic, with lots of " Pelicans" flying around us,
14.00hrs, The wind changed direction again and we managed to get the KITE flying, This we used for about an hour or so
untill we reached our destination.
Meanwhile, Richard , after loosing a few fish, finally landed a good sized " dog toothed Tuna " and Donal ended his days wiyh 1/2 a bottle of the skippers
best Vodka,  He eventually died of alcholic poisining.
17.00hrs We dropped anchor in " Isla Viveros"  and decided to stay the night here, there was a strong breeze and
the water was cloudy, but none the less , all went for a swim.
Later, we watched more R.A F video while Fat's cooked a chicken Dinner, It was lovely
We had an early night. 
Signed,    Stephen Hyde,    Skipper