A Lady .World trip

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 12 Oct 2009 18:03
WEDNESDAY 30th September. 2009
A very slow start up, All worn out from last night,
We made a trip into Funchal and did a little touring, however the weather was poor enough, and a lot of the island was under cloud.
We returned to the boat later and had dinner ashore in the marina restaurant, which was lovely.
Bunks early..
THURSDAY 1st October 2009 .
All got up to another dull day. it looked very wet on the south side of the island , so we went off up the north to Santana, which as mentioned previously
had lots of examples of the islands history. the scenery was spectacular. So on we went , wandering across the north side of this pritty island.
The investment here in tourist infrastructure is enormous. and seems to be paying big dividends.
Later when we got around the western end of the island , we once again ran into torrential rain.
Back to the boat and had a nice meal on boars with fergus and Kate as guests,
Fergus, who was always left of centre politically, is facinating company, and yet again we had a great night, ( not enough drink, ohhhhhh )