Sailing around the World ( presently in Darwin )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 27 Aug 2010 12:13
FRIDAY  27th  AUGUST  2010   ( Helens Birthday ,, Skips sister )
07.00hrs  Another beautifull day in Australia,
Neil T. went off on a tour to Litchfield National Park with the WARC crowd,  Here he met many of the people that were at the dinner last
night and hit it off with " Oisin" from Donigal,
Aileen travelled to town and did her own tour of the botinical gardens and visited some historical buildings,
Later skipper met her in town and we toddled off to the Government house, which is only open a couple of days in the year,
This was a beautifully designed building, crisp white tall single storey building, almost gothic in style, and had really
very simple proportions and then surrounded with a verandah which was enclosed with white crisp louvres, a little architectural gem.
Before all this, skipper watched the mechanic finish off his work on servicing the engines. and then tested both to make sure every thing
was running as they should..  ....... and happy with this, set about rearranging all the books and saloon presses.
Stephen and Aileen went to Cullen's Bay for dinner in an Italian restaurant, and then returned to " A  Lady" ,
We met some of the other crews on the way and had to stop and chat for a while,
Then tried and failed miserably to get the laptop to work and Skype Leah, Michelle, and Stefan. Crips, skip just cannot get the
hang of this yoke at all............
We had an early night as we are going to the " Kakatu National Park " tomorrow for 3 days, up at 05.30..  ohhhhh no, not again,
Thats it for a short day.
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )