Sailing around the World, with the World A.R.C. ( Presently on route to Port Villa ,)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 9 Jul 2010 20:27
FRIDAY  9th  JULY  2010
06.30hrs, Early morning rise, Another beautifull day in Paradise x 8
We have to leave shortly and move on, We really enjoyed this remote and primative Island, but, all good must come to an end.
Aileen is in much better form,
08.30  We raised the anchor,and motor sailed out of Tanna, as there is little or no wind.
We set a course for " Erromango"  an Island just about 50 miles north of Tanna, We passed the belching volcano on our way
and waved goodbye to it all...   sob, sob, sob,
We are basically heading for Port Villa, in " Efate " Island, a total 127 miles away.
We have decided to stop at Erromango to have a swim and have dinner, and a good nights rest.
We arrived at Port dillon, Erromango, at 16.00hrs, dropped anchor and immidatly went for a swim, ohhhh , the water was just lovely and warm.
and the surrounding landscape of ever so green trees, magic, and the occasional plume of smoke raising up from the hills, ohhhh wonderfull.
( Its a good job they dont practice cannabelism here any more, or the smoking fires could be for cooking us , ahhhhhhh)
We have discovered a crack on the bottom of the rib and it is leaking badly, blast , that happened on our last run into Port Resolution,
This will have to be fixed ASAP..  also, 2 bolts have sheered of the port staunchion, and need to be replaced..  never a spare moment.
We had a visit from a couple of local men who were out fishing in their little dig out canoe's , all hand made craft.
skipper had a long chat with them, Its great to see that these relativly primative people can speak english, french, and of
course their own native language. All languages are taught to be a benifit to the students and people as a whole.
And it allows them to communicate with the outside world.
At home in Ireland, we spend lorry loads of money forcing the people to learn Irish, and it just doesent work
Forcing people to do anything is a pennance, Its like being forced to eat fish on fridays, the result.........lots of people do not eat fish now.
even though fish is a wonderfull food,
18.45 hrs We had dinner, prepared and cooked by Scotty,  a wonderfull cottage pie.  It included some of the strongest onions we have
come across in ages, minced beef, pea's, red beans, and topped of with a mixture of Spuds and sweet potatoes covered with cheese.  yum yum
20.00hrs,  We watched a film called " Avatar"  wow, like star wars, a futuristic fiction, and very entertaining,
but basically it was a skit on U.S attitudes to other nations.......
Talking about U.S.     Crazy Horse and Ocean Jasper ( The two American boats, ) dropped anchor almost beside us some time ago 
and have also decided to spend the night here.  They ar a lovely bunch of people, as are most americans.
We had an early night,
Signed  :-    Stephen Hyde,  ( Skipper )