New Port , Rhode Island

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 18 Sep 2011 11:56
Today will be our last day on this boat untill november , so no more Blogs untill then, The 1st week in November.
Shortly, Rives Potts will come  to " A Lady " and learn how to operate the boat ,  well, to be shown where everything is located.  
Last Thursday we Took " A lady " 2 miles north of the bridge again to watch the the Swan 42's racing  , The 22 boats had some real
close races, Its a case of     Blink    and go from first to last .  The Royal Cork had a mixed day but after 3 races they slipped to
9th overall,
We had Miles Bidwell and his friend Alex on board for the day along with Clayton and Skipper, Miles and his wife Lisa live in N.P.
and we met them on thheir boat " Lady Bug" during the cruise in Maine with the New York Y.C. last month..
Later , we filled the boat's water tank ( 1040 L )  with fresh water at the Yacht Clubs  marina before returning to the mooring
and battoning down the hatches for the night, The weather was expected to go into the N.W and get very fresh, and it did
blowing up to 35 knots at times,
A number of boats that were at anchor dragged across the harbor and banged into others on the way causing great excitment
and panic at times.
Then on Friday, Skipper went to the New Port Boat Show and met a few interesting people including Rod and Jeff Johnstone
of the J Boat family,  Rod designed the J24 which skipper had for a number of years and has fond memories of that boat.
Later, Aileen and skipper called into the local A.O.H. club who were having an open day BBQ , it was very interesting
meeting such a large gathering of Irish connected people in one space thats outside Ireland,
Yesterday, Saturday 17th  , We drove 35 minutes in Tom's Jeep to Bristol and paid a visit to the " Herreshoff Museum"  ohhh  this
was a great place to visit and well worth the effort,  The two Herreshoff brothers built up a great and infamous boat building company
from nothing, and one of the brothers " John " was blind from the age of 15 , John ran the company and Nat designed all the boats
including designing engines, sails, fittings and winches, specially for his boats, mostly new inventions at the time,
Later, we returned to the New York Y.C. and met Tom and Linda Delaney for our goodbye drink and hand back the Jeep.
We had a great time with the Delaneys,  but now its time to go again,
At sundown, we returned to the Y.C. and enjoyed our last dinner in the club before retiring to " A Lady" and packing the bags..
That all for now,
Signed  :-   Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )