A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 25 Feb 2010 12:37
WEDNESDAY 24th February  2010
07.00hrs Aileen up like a shot and vanished ashore,
Later it became obvious the reason for this was she went exploring the possability of a 5 day tour of the Islands,
08.00hrs  S&A went off on a half day trip to " Kicker Rock" on a large home made looking Catermaran motor launch
wiyh 2 no. 200hp outboard motors
10.00hrs We stopped at a small rocky island and went snortling, just amazing, here we were swimming along with sealions
and millions of other types of fish , including turtles, Just spectlacular.
11.00hrs We headed out to " Kickers Rock" A hugh compressed ash rock, split down one side into the sea, creating a 20' gorge
in the sea,  We went snortling here again and it must rank up there with the best we have ever seen,
We saw small sharks below us , plus sea rays, and too many other types of fish to mention,
Along the wall of the rock was awsome, To surge up and down the face of the rock with all the tropical fish was orgasmic,
 Later we had lunch on a nearby beach, beautifull, but we got attacked by horse flies,
15.00hrs S & A arrieved back at base,
Our 5 day trip was confirmed be " rally control"
 Kevin and Stephen cleaned the waterline of the boat, which was still covered with oil from Equador.
Later we had a Chicken dinner by Fats, followed by wine and an early night, as D & K are off to " Kickers Rock" tomorrow
and S & A are off to the 5 day trip.
So there will be no Blogs for 6 days at least,
Signed Stephen Hyde, ( skipper)