Sailing around the World , avoiding the freezing weather and economic conditions. ( presently at sea )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 11 Jan 2011 06:04
Monday  10th January 2011
00.00hrs  Distance travelled.......................306 miles
               Weather....................................good, , Blue skies and scattered clouds,
               Wind.........................................SW   20 knots +
We had a good night at sea, the seas were moderate and therefore made good progress,
However, it was cool. so on with the winter woolies. Warm jackets, gloves and furry knickers.
06.00hrs  The wind went to S  /  SE   blowing about 14 knots, a beautifull morning.
09.00hrs  RADIO  CALL   The radio net controller for today was " Eowyn " again, and Mike did the transmission.
" A Lady" increased its lead over all yachts in the fleet with the exception of " Wild Tigres ", BUT, but , remember this, " Wild Tigres"
is 16 feet longer than " A Lady", so she should sail much faster than us at all times.
09.30hrs,  with the wind so light, Skipper and Sham went forward on deck and put up the KITE, just to remind you all, the KITE
is our parasail ( a 3,600 sq foot spinniker with a large horizontal opening 2/3 of the way up the sail , and has a big wing
in that opening )  This sail keeps the boat very stable and the wing help lift the bow as we scoot along.
We love this sail, but have not used it for months because the last time we had it flying, the auto pilot switched itself off , the
boat gybed and as a result the Kite tore into little pieces. and Cape Town was the only place that could do the repairs.
The KITE must not be mixed up with our " Bag of Fear"  thats the Blue spinniker and is not quite as big, but much easier to
put up and take down.
11.30 hrs, the wind increased to 28 knots, so we decided to take down the KITE again and goose wing the boat,
this all worked well and we were travelling along at 8 knots, even with a 1 knot current against us,
This flippen current is supposed to be flowing with us, not against us,
12.00hrs  Distance travelled in the last 24 hours was 185 miles,
The wind slowly increased during the rest of the day, some did sunbathing while others read books and took naps,
Skipper took plenty of naps as he had been up since 02.45 hrs and felt tired all day.
18.00hrs, the wind had increased to well over 30 knots, SSE and we were sailing down wind on a very broad port run.
in fact shortly we shortened down the sails.
20.00hrs, We had dinner prepared and served by Emily, It was a kind of Mexican dish served in Baps, ( I think )
the dish was very different to what we normally cook ourselves and it was spicey,
The result was bubbling bellies and plenty of additional wind floating around.
Thats all for today.
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )