Sailing around the world.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 18 Jan 2011 18:41
MONDAY 17th   JANUARY   2011
Midnight, The wind got very much lighter, but it was a beautifull warm night, we are now back to just a sheet on the bunks.
we had to put up with the slow progress, and were determined not to use the engine if possible.
We again caught up with " Wild Tigres " , but when we got to within 4 miles of her, wham ! they vanished once more over
the horizon, using the iron mainsail.
08.00hrs  We had clawed our way back almost to the rum line, the wind had increased to 19 knots and
we were sailing along fine at 7.5 knots.
09.00hrs  RADIO CALL,  Eowyn decided to conduct todays radio on channel  6B on the SSB, ohh , it was very faint,
but we got most positions of the fleet, we held our own during the night. 
The wind went more southerly during the day, which suited us with ouyr goose wing arrangment flying.
14.30 Hours,  Sham shouted  "  I can see Land "  wow, we all jumped up to have a gawlk. and true enough , there was
St. Helena away fine on our port bow, ( as Terry would say in simple language, " Thats the left side of the boat " )
It was about 25 miles , or 4 hours away.
Ohhh, the excitment, we were like children again, licking our lolly pops, and it was a beautifull day to boot.
We got started again on west cork , and now the Photo album was brought up on deck. ( into the ashtray )
Of course there were loads of photo's of Sham  junior's wedding and lots more to discuss.
then onto a favourate, RESTAURANTS :- 
We discussed the storey of the " Fat Duck " in maiden head, London,
Then one of the favourates, " The Mustard Seed " in Adare,
The 2 Farm Gates, one for dinner in Midleton, and one in the english market , cork, for lunch.
and of course " The Ayronda Hounda " in Spain, ( Thats spelt wrong . I definatly know that )
19.00hrs,  We were just 5 miles off the east coast,
The sun was low over the Island casting long shadows out over the sea.
The Island was very high , wwith steep cliffs  and sheer rocks,   Ohhhh, how exciting, here we are just about to land on the
Island that held " Napolean " prisoner for 6 years , untill he died,
THEN,, it cant get much better , when 2 huge Whales surfaced so close to the boat , we could almost stretch out and rub them down.
what a fantastic sight, with them blowing their vertical watery mists up into the air every few ninutes,
22.25.20  We crossed the finish line,  went ashore and had a few beers to celebrate,  Wow, what a day .
thats all
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )