Saliling around the World... ( presently in Fiji )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 21 Jun 2010 06:04
SATURDAY  19th  JUNE  2010
A much better day today,
The Girls got going early, they took a bus across the island to " Labasa "  the capitol of the Island,
They explained later that the country side and landscape was beautifull and that the Island was a lot bigger than they imagined,
However the bus journey must have been tough going, as they returned by taxi. 
Overall,   the round trip was about 200 km..
John hired a scooter and took off  expolring what was to be seen, mostly bird watching,,  the flying type.
Skipper spent most of the day having the laptop serviced and debugged,
these bloody contracptions, seem to have a mind all of thier own, only work now and then, or when they feel like it,
and are prone to a  virus as soon as you look at them..
Skipper decided to read the blogs of other ARC boats taking part in this trip on the World A R C sute,
Surprised at how few there were, and on top of that, some were in German. So he read " Voyaguer "blog and  " Crazy Horse "
What was interesting here is the different openions of the places we visited. especially " Bloody Mary's " in Bora Bora.
Later , back on board, the skipper changed the fuel filters, and filled the water tank from the dock.
Fats serviced the Port primary winch, this has been slipping slightly in recent times.  a bit like ourselves,  SLIPPING.............age !
We also have to be serviced every now and then.
We got new neighbours on port side,  a " Seastream 63 " on her way from New Zealand to Mexico  via  Hawaii.
A beautifull looking craft, built in the U K .
But they dropped their anchor across our anchor chain, which caused lots of grief later,,    The friggin LANGERS  ....................+
and while we are on the subject, the owner seems to have a new doll, just barly older than his sons,  Wonder who is doing who !
17.00hrs   Happy hour in the Y C , as described last night, just 30 feet from the boat,
We went to the " Surf and Turf " restaurant for dinner, it was excellent, and we had a great night, with the company
of Bill, Rosemary, and Matt from " Crazy Horse " and Jim  from " Ocean Jasper "
Later, we had a couple of night caps before hitting the scratchers.
Signed  :-    Stephen  Hyde  ,   ( Skipper )